June 17, 2024

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Many chances, no goals: Unbeatable Circle goalkeeper Warlison prevents club from winning derby |  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Many chances, no goals: Unbeatable Circle goalkeeper Warlison prevents club from winning derby | Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

No one is truly satisfied after an intense Brugge derby without a winner. Both Club and Cercle had huge chances to win, but they lacked intensity in attack or came up against excellent goalkeepers. Keeper Cercle Warleson in particular ensured the club were left with 5 out of 18.

Club Brugge – Cercle Brugge in brief:

  • Key moment: In the final stage, Club Brugge increases the pressure and hangs 1-0 in the air. Jutgla went close twice and before the whistle almost went for Meijer, but first Miangue and then Warleson twice were the club’s bogeyman.
  • Man of the match: Warlison was unbeatable today. The Brazilian goalkeeper kept Cercle afloat with a series of saves. One is more impressive than the other. Clean sheet No. 6 for Warlisson this season, only Antwerp goalkeeper Jan Botez is better.
  • distinct: After more than three months, Simon Mignolet has once again managed to keep a clean sheet in the competition. Their last clean sheet was on 13 August, when the club recorded a 0-5 win at Eupen in the third round.

Warleson saves Cercle, Denkey aims for the position

First Brugge derby for Ronny Deila and he was immediately under pressure after 3 defeats in the last 4 league games. The club coach saw that his team started well. With two brilliant saves in the half-minute space, Warlison prevented both Meagher and Skov Olsen from scoring the early opener.

Club Brugge possessed most of the ball through vertical play, but this did not lead to the creation of many concrete opportunities. Harmless long shots from Gutgla and Zinkernagel, the home team could not take the lead.

View Cercle Brugge in a less offensive light. As the end of the first half approached, Michel almost lost the ball. Dinky immediately hit the post after a low cross from Le Marchal. The club ran away, but moments later saw strongman Skov Olsen withdraw with a hamstring injury.

Klopp bites his teeth on unbeatable Warlisson

About an hour later, Cercle twice missed the opportunity to open the scoring. First off, a promising rebound was snuffed out and when Van der Bruggen isolated Gboho for Mignolet, the striker was unable to get the ball past the goalkeeper.

Then Warleson demanded all the attention again. The Cercle goalkeeper was not surprised when Ferran Gutgla lashed out at Buchanan’s cross. Warlisson also held off Vetelsen’s long shot, just as he did in the recapture of Jutgla.

For Jutcela, the frustrations increased. In the final stretch, Major was offered a 1-0 win on a silver platter, but Miango was able to block his shot. A few minutes later, Warlison pushed the Catalan into despair with another decisive save.

Even in extra time the 1-0 score remained up in the air. Meijer had the club’s last chance, but once again unbeatable Warleson kept Cercle afloat. The club has only one win remaining in the last eight matches.

Reactions from Circle camp: ‘Warlison can have my slice of pizza’

  • Miron Muslić (Coach Cercle Brugge): “Circle fans can be proud. We wanted to go to our fans after the match with our heads held high, having given everything. We did that today in a fantastic way. I am proud of our performance and our behaviour. The match had everything to finish 3-3 or 4- 4. You can always count on Warlison. He struggled a little with his confidence last week, but this week he proved he can raise his game, just like the whole team. He saved the day with a great performance.”
  • Thibaut Somers (Circle Brugge): “It was a ferocious derby. We fought like lions, and everyone was shooting for each other. Fortunately, we have a good goalkeeper in Warlisson who killed a lot of the club’s chances. Sometimes it looked like a goal, but it still was.” “He made a good save. He was man of the match. We also had chances, like having Dinky on the post in the first half. The last pass didn’t always go out. But the 0-0 at Club Brugge was nice.”
  • Hannes van der Bruggen (Circle Brugge): “There was a lot of fighting and intensity and there were also a few chances. Fortunately for us, Warlison played a very solid game. But we had our moments too, especially in the second half. We were not three-on-one.” “Look well, Gboho could only go to Mignolet and in the end there was a blocked shot from me. That’s a good point for us. Klopp had a few 100 percent chances, so we can definitely live with that point. Klopp “It was good But I don’t think we were much worse. They have some big players in the attacking zone, which makes it easier for them to create chances. We fought for it, 0-0 is really good for us. “It’s nice when the results are good but there are still a lot of things that can be improved. In the change we could have been more dangerous today. Will Warlison get the pastries? He can have my slice of pizza, which is now in the dressing room “He even got two slices.”

Feedback after Club-Cercle:

  1. Second half, minute 95, over. An exciting Brugge derby with a host of chances yet this match ends in a 0-0 draw. Thanks to Warlison, who nullified all the club’s chances with a strong performance. On the other hand, Mignolet was also decisive when he blocked Gboho’s shot. .
  2. Second half, 94th minute, the match is over
  3. Warlison keeps a clean sheet. Man of the match? Warlson, without a doubt. Once again, the goalkeeper made an excellent save from a shot from Meier. . Second half in the 93rd minute.
  4. Yellow card for Cercle Brugge’s Thibaut Somers in the second half, in the 93rd minute
  5. Second half, minute 93. Substitution with Cercle Brugge on, Kazem Olegbey on, Hugo Seckett off.
  6. Second half, minute 92. Sekket is taken to Cercle’s side. Olegbe can complete the final minutes. .
  7. Second half, minute 91. Shot blocked. Cercle is also still searching for the winning goal. De Wilde launches the attack with a smart move on the right flank. Eventually, Van der Bruggen is able to swing, but his shot is blocked. .
  8. Second half, minute 90. Time runs out, three extra minutes are added. Will we get another winner in the Brugge derby? .
  9. Second half, minute 88. Substitution for Club Brugge, Michel Skouras comes on, Philipp Zinkernagel comes off.
  10. Second half, minute 87. Gutgla collides with Warlisson again. Another great chance for Jutgla, and again Warlisson made an excellent save. Jutgla takes a quick pass at the first post after a cross from Zinckernagel, but again cannot get the ball past Cercle’s unbeatable goalkeeper. .
  11. Second half, minute 87. This can be easily seen from Circle’s side. Popovic is able to head home Seckett’s corner, but he shoots wide. .
  12. Second half, minute 85. Cercle finally got a little save. Daland is able to shoot from close range, but he is unable to get his effort into the frame. .
  13. Second half, minute 84.
  14. Second half, minute 82. Gutgla drops the score 1-0. Meier presents Gutgla with the score 1-0 on a silver platter, but the Spanish striker fires at Miango from close range. Jutgla should have done more about this, although Miangu could have been seen intervening as well. .
  15. Yellow card for Cercle Brugge’s Alain Minda in the 81st minute
  16. Second half, minute 80. Yellow to Minda. Menda moves his foot forward towards the ball and lands on Spillers’ foot. A yellow card is only logical. In the club they preferred to see red. .
  17. Second half, minute 80. Circle can breathe again, and is now under pressure from the club. Johan de Calloway on Radio 1.
  18. Second half, minute 79. Substitution at Cercle Brugge, Senna Miango comes on, Flavio Nazinho comes off.
  19. Second half, minute 79. Substitution at Cercle Brugge, Alain Minda comes on, Yann Gboho comes off.
  20. Second half, minute 78. Two new players between the lines in the Circle. Minda and Myango come to replace Gboho and Nazinyo. .
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