December 1, 2023

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LIVE: Rodriguez puts Vandenberg to work for the first time in an average match |  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

LIVE: Rodriguez puts Vandenberg to work for the first time in an average match | Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

  1. 6′ – Yellow – Abdel Qahir Qadri
  2. 14′ – Yellow – Vidi Lysine
  3. 24′ – Yellow – Loic Labussin
  4. 36′ – Continue. Charles Vanhoutte Written by Noah Siddiqui

Jupiler Pro League – Round 14 – 12/11/23 – 7:16 PM

21 out of 21 in the competition, but it is a hopeless defeat in Europe. Has the union leader’s confidence been damaged? Red Lantern KV Kortrijk can test it in Dudenpark. Watch the conclusion of the 14th round here from 7.15 pm.

  1. First half, minute 37. Al-Ittihad controlled the course of play in the first 35 minutes without many chances. . Bert Sterkes on Radio 1.
  2. First half, minute 36. Substitution at Union, Noah Siddiqui comes on, Charles Vanhoutte comes on
  3. First half, minute 34. Sidiki replaces Vanhoutte in Union’s midfield. .
  4. Vanhout has to leave. Vanhoutte had to go aside for treatment now. He is now sitting out for the second time due to an ankle problem, and it appears his game is over. . First half, minute 33.
  5. First half, minute 32. Labussin almost shot a good cross from Terho towards the far post. Al-Idrissi is able to pass the ball into the corner to the next Al-Ittihad player. .
  6. First half, minute 29.
  7. First half, minute 28. Has the match started? Less than a minute later, Rodriguez shot on target again. He fired the ball back into the far corner, and Vandenberghe made two tackles. .
  8. Vandenberghe was tested for the first time. Once again, it is Rodriguez who takes his chance, after a good move inside the box. He tries a low shot, which Vandenbergh manages to deflect wide of his goal. . First half, minute 26.
  9. First half, minute 24. Yellow card for Labussin. At the moment, we are shown more cards than opportunities. Laboussin is the next to end up in Staessens’ book. He continues strongly in the wake of Al-Idrisi. .
  10. Yellow card for Union player Loic Labussin in the first half in the 24th minute
  11. First half, minute 23. Rodriguez moves away from goal. Kevin Rodriguez is keen to score his first goal for Union and shoots from a very opportunistic position. His shot went wide, and perhaps a cross would have been a better idea. .
  12. First half, minute 22. De Neve advances from the left side, a cross does not find a colleague. This leaves room for a Union counterattack. Lazar doesn’t play it well. .
  13. First half, minute 18. We are still waiting for the first real opportunity here. . Bert Sterkes on Radio 1.
  14. First half, minute 17. The Kortrijk playmaker can try again in almost the same place, but his ball is too low again. Looks like Kadri still needs to warm up. .
  15. First half, minute 16. Kadri’s subsequent free kick is too low. The home team’s counter also failed. .
  16. First half, minute 15. Yellow card for Lesin. Leysen arrives a little late for his duel with Al-Idrissi and gets yellow cardboard under his nose by Steysens. .
  17. Yellow card for Union player Fedi Lisin in the first half, minute 14
  18. First half, minute 14. Tiro try. There is still something that looks like a chance for the home team now. Terho shoots hard from the edge of the penalty area, far from Vandenberg’s goal. .
  19. First half, minute 11. No chances after 10 minutes. It’s a quiet opening phase that we’ve been through. The study phase for this competition is still in full swing. .
  20. First half, minute 7. As Al-Ittihad scored the first corner kick, senior Sykes was searched for but could not be found. .
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