May 29, 2023

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Marseille magic: "Raymond Gothals is the best Belgian football coach ever" |  League 1

Marseille magic: “Raymond Gothals is the best Belgian football coach ever” | League 1

Raymond Gothals would have turned 100 this year. This was the reason why journalists Dirk Abrams and Hendrik Luyten searched for the imprint the Belgian coach left in Marseille. And it turns out big, Abrams told De Madammen on Radio 2.

“In Marseille, football is a religion. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. When Gothals arrived in Lhomme, Marseille was somewhat of a laughingstock for France. But suddenly Lhomme became the best club in and in France and in Europe the city regained the pride it had somewhat lost. “.

Abrams spoke to the people of Marseilles about Gothal’s legacy. “They are so grateful to him. Some were even emotional when they talked about him. Raymond Gothals still lives in Marseille.”

Marseille was the last piece of art for Joytal, who regularly appeared on television after his coaching career and is remembered by many for his sense of humour, his Brussels accent and distinctive language.

“But Gothals was so much more than that,” asserts Dirk Abrams. “He is the best Belgian football coach ever. I knew him very well and learned a lot from him about football. He made me look at football in a different way.”

“He was very passionate about football, but he also knew something about other things, but he preferred to talk about football.”

Raymond Goethals: Magic in Marseille can be seen on canvas on Monday 20 and Monday 27 December, at 9.15 pm.