December 7, 2023

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Mbayo saves a point for Kortrijk in Gent with two goals, the last of which was in the 91st minute |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Mbayo saves a point for Kortrijk in Gent with two goals, the last of which was in the 91st minute | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

The first league match of 2022 ended with a score of 2-2. AA Gent dominated, but had to chase after a quick goal from Mbayeux. The home team turned the table with goals before and after the first half, but failed to finish it. In the 91st minute, Mbaio punished it. AA Gent failed to finish fourth next to Antwerp, and Kortrijk remained in eighth.

KAA Gent – KV Kortrijk in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: In overtime, Ghent appears to be heading towards the top three in 2022. However, that doesn’t count towards Dylan Mbaio. In the 91st minute, Kortrijk scored two goals to make the score 2-2.
  • man of the match: Dylan Mbaye scored his first goals in the First Division tonight. He did it against his former team Gent. So it’s not far off to find a man of the match.
  • distinct: Before tonight, Ghent could not win once in his last 3 competition matches against Kortrijk. That didn’t work with Buffalo tonight either. So 4 matches without a win for Ghent against Kortrijk.

Ghent still corrects the crooked posture

“We are really happy because we can recruit 11 players.” Karim Belhoussine made it clear before the match that he had to pose a difficult puzzle due to the large number of absentees (Corona or the African Cup). Hein Vanhaezebrouck also had to miss Ngadeu and man-in-Tissoudali. The two strong players are playing an active role in the African Cup. Gent’s coach also had concerns about Corona. So he directed both coaches to postpone the match. Without avail.

Gent immediately took matters into their own hands. So it was surprising how quickly the score swung 0-1 on the scoreboard. Already 8 minutes later Mbayo (nota bene, a former Ghent player) started a long dribble. Finally, he made his way among some buffaloes and gave Polat the check.

Ghent wasn’t upset at all. Quite the opposite. They created a lot of opportunities, but the scenes weren’t so sharp yet. Hjulsager put Ilic to work once and the Kums also tried it out from a distance. Every time with no result. Ilic also had to take a free kick from De Sart outside his goal area.

But persistence wins. After the first half, a well-deserved tie became a reality. After a corner kick, the ball fell at the feet of Castro Montes and gave the check to goalkeeper Ilic.

Spilling Buffalo with odds

On top of that it was what they believed in buffalo and they continued with the same enthusiasm after the coffee. successfully. Samoise painted the leather on Mboyo’s crown on his right side. The striker did not miss such an opportunity and headed well.

Ghent dominated and also created a lot of opportunities. Only efficiency was missing. Kums put the best opportunity on the scale.

However, the home team still had to press their butt in the final stage. Gent first escaped the equalizer when Kadri fired on Polat alone. The Ghent goalkeeper had the last word with a kick in the foot.

At least that’s what everyone thought, but that didn’t count for Mapio. Kortrijk’s player cleverly outperformed Polat for the second time with the ball’s brilliance after the ball’s pass.

Gent leaves two expensive dots slip through between the fingers, for Kortrijk it is a golden dot due to circumstances.

Vanhaezebrouck: “It hurts to take the equalizer like this”

  • Dylan Mbaio (KV Kortrijk): “I’m here with mixed feelings. Unfortunately, we drew. Of course we came for more. But I’m also happy with my goal. This is just the beginning. It’s been a while since I played myself.” I’m on the pitch, showing it to everyone. Which of the goals is the best? I don’t have a favourite. The most important thing is that I scored two goals and helped the team. It wasn’t easy today. Ghent plays great football and it was difficult for us to find solutions.”
  • Hein Vanhaezebrouck (KAA Ghent): “Maybe we had more chances, but we didn’t finish well. Just no. But you can’t concede like that. Through the middle, through the central defender with a simple pass from 10 meters to the front. . That’s allowed no. But ok, That must have had its reasons too. That the boys standing there, they’re not normally there. We eventually intervened by getting Cissé. Someone was also sick and wasn’t able to. 15 minutes to play. In the end we left ourselves trapped in a very simple way. As your defender. Always keep your position close. It hurts to take the equalizer this way.”
  • Karim Belhossein (KV Kortrijk): “In the conditions of this match, that’s a good point. It’s a well deserved point for the players. They kept going. There were two players who came in (Kadri and Moreno) and they didn’t have minutes in their legs. Today they are out of quarantine. I can only congratulate these guys. Mbayo is Someone who’s had 3 or 4 training sessions in the legs. He also had Covid last week. He scored all the way here on his own. In the end he was really tired. We decided to put him in front of the striker so he would have a chance or two. He finished that well.” .
  1. The end, 10 pm 38. The end. After 2-1 to Lamboio, it seemed that the booty was in Ghent. Until the former Buffalo Mbayo made the score 2-2 in the 91st minute. A golden point for Kortrijk, Ghent sees a victory through the nose. & nbsp; .
  2. The second half, the 95th minute, the game is over
  3. A goal during the second half, the 91st minute, by Dylan Mbaye from KV Kortrijk. 2, 2.
  4. The second half, the 91st minute. Goal! 2-2 Mpio. Mpio is doing it for Kortrijk after all. Gent seemed headed for victory, but Mbayeu stopped that. He beats Bulat with the ball. Downer Judd for Gent. & nbsp; .
  5. The second half, the 89th minute. What can Kortrijk do? We are slowly entering the last minutes. Moreno is now starting a fast sprint and can put his toe on the ball. Bulat has no problem with that. .
  6. Yellow card for Ante Palaversa by KV Kortrijk during the second half, minute 87
  7. Second half, 86th minute. Substitution in KAA Gent, Ibrahima Cisse in, Sven Combs out
  8. The second half, the 83rd minute. Elek plays football well. Kortrijk’s final piece comes a long way from her goal of stopping Malede from going through. Intervention was badly needed. .
  9. Second half, 82nd minute. We can score another chance for Ghent. Mboyo takes care of the falling ball and kicks the whip through Kortrijk’s leg into the corner. & nbsp; .
  10. Yellow card for Trent Sainsbury’s by KV Kortrijk during the second half, minute 82
  11. The second half, the 80th minute. Kortrijk seems to be breathing again as the last ten minutes are on the horizon. Palaversa shoots from a distance, Bullet hits the amazing ball into the corner. Are we still going to have an exciting finale? .
  12. Second half, minute 79. Substitution in KAA Gent, Roman Bezoes inside, Andrew Hjulsager outside
  13. Second half, minute 79. Substitution in KV Kortrijk, Marlos Moreno inside, and Billel Messaoudi out.
  14. The second half, the 77th minute. Only there is no tie. Suddenly Kortrijk gets a great opportunity. Kadri rushes towards Bulat alone, but he cannot catch a glimpse of the Ghent goalkeeper. It could have been 2-2 here easily. & nbsp; .
  15. The second half, minute 76. Gent again puts a good composition. It almost becomes 3-1, but Samoise can’t get to second place. & nbsp; .
  16. The second half, minute 74. Coombs returned between the lines, but now it’s Al-Massudi’s turn for treatment. He also appears to be able to carry on as usual. & nbsp; .
  17. The second half, the 71st minute. The match was stopped because Sven Combs was on the ground after a light contact. Holds the knee for a moment. & nbsp; .
  18. The second half, the 68th minute. Show only Kums. 3-1 in the air more than Eq. Kums can now steal the skin and place the ball right next to the shaft. & nbsp; .
  19. Second half, minute 68. Substitution on KV Kortrijk, Abdul Qaher Kadri inside, and Victor Torbe outside.
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