December 7, 2023

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Metaverse: 3D avatars coming to Microsoft Teams early 2022

Metaverse: 3D avatars coming to Microsoft Teams early 2022

Is this because Mark Zuckerberg is starting to walk with all the interest? Barely a few days after Facebook metavertical vision Introduced, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, also revealed his plans for the new 3D Internet. The big difference: Microsoft’s plans are more practical and more realistic.

While Zuckerberg has talked about a relatively distant future, Nadella hopes to place a first order as early as the first half of next year. It’s about integrating the Microsoft Holographic app not, which is based on HoloLens 3D glasses, in Teams business video chat software.

As with Meta/Facebook, you will be able to ‘replicate’ yourself as a 3D avatar, although this digital representation of yourself will be limited to the upper body for now. Via your avatar, you will then be able to access virtual spaces within Teams, metaverse, such as an employer’s digital meeting room. There you will be able to interact with your colleagues’ avatars.

that Virtual RealityGlasses will not be needed in the first stage. “The experience will evolve as sensor technology improves on all devices from phones to Virtual Realityheadphones, from laptops with one microphone to HoloLens with six microphones and 16 cameras,” Microsoft said.

normal reaction

According to the tech giant, the first meeting with new employees is a good example of how innovative such a “metaverse company” can be. During the Corona crisis, the job interview and introduction to colleagues were forced via online platforms such as Teams, where the newcomer had to talk to a computer screen. The normal interactions of face to face Meetings were lost as a result.

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Microsoft is convinced that these interactions can partly return, because avatars will be able to move freely in the three-dimensional common space. Accenture, a consulting group, has already been allowed to test the technology.

Microsoft illustration

3D sound

Nadella, like Zuckerberg, says that “the feeling of really being there” becomes a great innovative element in metaverses. “Not only will you look at the camera picture of the factory floor, but you will be able to be on the floor. You won’t be able to make video calls with your colleagues anymore, you will be with them in the same room.”

To get that realistic feel, simulating the sounds — it really should sound like every participant is speaking in the same room — would be very important, Microsoft says. The tech giant will use artificial intelligence to mimic your voice and transmit it to the virtual meeting via technologies such as spatial audio. The goal, according to Microsoft: “An immersive shared experience.”

Some updates:

  • In the current Teams version, participants can tap the hand icon to almost raise their hand. In the metaverse variant, your avatar will be raising a hand.
  • Simultaneous translation and transcription of conversation are made easier thanks to avatars.
  • And if you don’t want to turn your webcam into a classic video call, you can allow your avatar to be “represented”. (MAh)