February 4, 2023

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Mexican Billionaire: "Buy Bitcoin Now!"

Mexican Billionaire: “Buy Bitcoin Now!”

One of Mexico’s richest men is once again positive about Bitcoin (BTC). Ricardo Salinas Pliego has been a general fan of Bitcoin for years. In response to the new numbers from the US, he once again shouted: “Buy bitcoin now.”

The billionaire recently said that he bought bitcoin back in 2016 when the price was only around $800. Thus the best man also benefits from the appreciation of the currency rate.

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Pliego said in June 2021 that he now sees bitcoin as a tool for large agencies, describing it as an instrument of “international value.” He cited good liquidity as one of the reasons. What followed was another message: describing all fiat currencies (such as the euro, dollar or Mexican peso) as a scam. If he had to pick a coin to hold for 30 years, bitcoin would be the choice.

In an angry tweet, Pliego attacks the monetary policy of the United States. According to him, the country’s central bank is making fake money. By this he refers, among other things, to the main purchase program of the Federal Reserve with which it injects “new” dollars into the US economy.

Pliego has also called bitcoin the new digital gold. Anyway, the Mexican is paying attention, and he uses many common arguments to promote bitcoin.

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Banks and Bitcoin

Pliego is also the founder of Grupo Salinas. One of the subsidiaries of this organization is Banco Azteca, one of the largest banks in Mexico. It was previously announced to offer various Bitcoin services. However, this plan cannot go ahead for now because Mexico’s central bank and finance ministry, among others, don’t think it’s a good idea. Banks in the country are not allowed to work with Bitcoin and/or the services around it.

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