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Mifi, dongle or personal hotspot: these are your options for seamless browsing during your car journey |  Technique

Mifi, dongle or personal hotspot: these are your options for seamless browsing during your car journey | Technique

mytelcoAre you often in the car with your kids and looking for ways to entertain them? Or do you have passengers who want to indulge in a series while riding? With WiFi in the car, you are always online. Useful for combating boredom during a car trip, but also useful for receiving real-time traffic information or streaming music. List your internet connection options while on the go.

By Felix Ferret, in collaboration with Mijntelco


Many car manufacturers are responding to the demand for connectivity and provide a SIM card built into the vehicle. Through this connection, the vehicle’s GPS system is able to access real-time traffic information, among other things. It is also often possible to tie a bundle of mobile data to this, so that you can access the Wi-Fi network of a device – such as a mobile phone or tablet – in the car.

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Mifi, dongle, or hotspot

Another option to provide WiFi in the car is via a MiFi router or dongle. Mifi stands for a combination of “mobile” and “wifi,” and it works as a mobile hotspot via a SIM card. A mifi router is a type of antenna that allows a fast connection to various devices. The dongle acts as a network receiver and can be connected to the car via a USB port. It’s a more compact solution because it’s about the size of a USB drive. A mifi router is faster and more powerful, but unlike a dongle, you have to charge it. The dongle’s smaller antenna gives you a weaker connection.

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Another way to provide WiFi in the car is to use your smartphone as a hotspot. Your mobile phone then acts as a router and transmits WiFi signals with a range of approximately 2 metres. You can easily create this mobile hotspot via your phone settings. Then other devices that connect to the hotspot use the data from your mobile subscription. This option is the least convenient because the connection is slow, especially when multiple devices are using the hotspot at the same time. Data usage can also add up quickly, with the risk of going over your data package limit – and thus incurring additional costs. In addition, hotspot requires a lot of your battery.

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Choose the correct subscription

You need a data plan for all options. Preference is given to the “data only” format. But in practice, not all operators provide such subscriptions. It is important to check in advance which subscription is most suitable for your use of the mobile Internet. There are several different packages available, with the ability to choose between one-time and monthly payments. Data packages can be used throughout the European Union without additional roaming costs.

This is what different operators offer:

Telenet It provides a data SIM card with 300 GB of mobile data, to be added to an ONE or ONEup subscription.

• Offers for 3 euros per month orange “Surf Extra Card” linked to your subscription surf volume. As a “data only” package, Orange has the “Orange Holiday World” SIM card for € 44.99, with 10 GB for 14 days.

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Edpnet It provides different “data only” packages. Monthly fixed data packages You can choose between 1GB for €4, 2GB for €8, 5GB for €15 or 10GB for €20. In addition, there are SIM cards for €1, with a ‘pay-per-use’ package where you only pay for what you use at €0.004 per MB. With a Data Share SIM, you can choose between 1GB for €3 or 10GB for €29 per month.

a base Internet Anywhere 1GB for 10€, 3GB for 20€ or 6GB for 30€.

Proximus He has mobile internet subscriptions of 2GB per month for €15 or 5GB per month for €25.

• bee mobile vikings You’ll find a ‘data only’ SIM card of 8GB per month for €15.

scarlet And Yvonne SIM cards do not offer “data only”.


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