December 5, 2023

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Mobile cultivation table for vertical farms

Mobile cultivation table for vertical farms

Using cultivation space as efficiently as possible is a challenge for farmers. Otte Metallbau has come up with a solution to this challenge and has developed HortiRack which can be used when growing in trays and gutters. During Vertifarm 2023, the new cultivation table was demonstrated at the Otte stand.

Space saving
Anna Tugowa from Otte Metalbau: “The mobile HortiRack is our latest product for vertical farming. It is a completely new design that increases the productivity of indoor farms. It saves up to 50% of space compared to fixed racks.”

HortiRack is specially designed for gardening. Anna: “Irrigation and lighting units can be installed inside the rack. The HortiRack is 1.25 meters wide, which makes it suitable for a standard 4×4 foot lighting size. A smaller width is possible and the length is flexible too.” HortiRack can be adapted to the specific needs of different crops and lighting.

Farmers have different needs when it comes to space and crops. “The HortRack can be extended up to 15 meters and up to 3 levels in height. Plastic containers can be placed along the entire length. This makes efficient use of space and facilitates drainage.”

It does not matter for farmers whether they have a small or large vertical farm. Growers can also opt for gutter planting instead of trays.

Anne Tugua and her Greentech 2023 colleague

Built to last
Otte Metalbau built the HortiRack in a way that it can last for a long time. “HortiRack is based on a low profile undercarriage.”

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