December 7, 2023

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Model Linda Evangelista appeared in the Fendi campaign after a plastic surgery mistake

Model Linda Evangelista appeared in the Fendi campaign after a plastic surgery mistake

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Model Linda Evangelista is back. The Canadian, who withdrew from the media after a failed plastic surgery, is participating in a new campaign by the Italian fashion house Fendi. This is the first time that the 57-year-old Canadian has returned to the spotlight after surgery.

Lien Lamenssource: people, Instagram

Five years ago, Evangelista’s life turned into a nightmare. The supermodel, who has gone to great lengths to maintain her beauty, underwent a “fat-freezing” CoolSculpting treatment, according to the medical center, which offers a “less invasive alternative to liposuction.”

After six months of treatment, Evangelista noticed in mid-2016 that bulges were forming on her chin, back, hips, around her chest and under her armpits. Precisely in places where she wanted to lose weight, now bubbles appeared that became harder and harder, and finally felt like “dead” spots. Evangelista turned out to be a victim of “paradoxical fat hypertrophy,” a known but rare side effect of fat mass freezing.

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Al-Kindi spoke of a disfigured body and decided to withdraw from public life. Even now, because her Instagram account has a striking campaign photo. The supermodel has teamed up with Italian Fendi for a new campaign marking the 25th anniversary of ‘Fendi Baguette’, much the fashion house’s handbag.

“On September 9, Fendi will host a special fashion show to celebrate Fendi Baguette’s birthday,” Evangelista wrote on her Instagram account. “I am so grateful to the entire crew.”