February 8, 2023

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Natalia announces new music and will soon be at the Lotto Arena with a concert on the anniversary: ​​“There will be a lot of research with the children”

Natalia announces new music and will soon be at the Lotto Arena with a concert on the anniversary: ​​“There will be a lot of research with the children”

Twenty years after her first appearance on television, Natalia, 41, has become an integral part of the Flemish media landscape. To celebrate this ceramic anniversary, the singer announces a big show at the Lotto Arena. with new music.

Eileen Vande Giuchetti

About two decades ago, TV-watching Flanders got to know Natalia Druitt during auditions for the first edition of Idol. She just missed out on winning the competition – rocker Peter Evard came first – but her participation proved to be the start of a successful singing career. A few weeks after the program, in June 2003, Natalya released her first song: Without You. The song was a huge hit, found on the Flemish charts and stages. In the years that followed, she scored several hits almost without a break. May the bell ring: I just started fightingAnd the higher than the sun And the I want you Back. In the meantime, she worked as a coach on “The Voice van Vlaanderen” for many years and was part of the judging panel on “K2 calling K3”.

In 2023, the focus is once again entirely on their music. Natalia will release a new single in January, and a new album will follow in the spring. Moments to look forward to. “It will be so much fun,” she says. “there up the pace songs, but it’s not just dance music, there are also slower songs. It has become a very personal, almost autobiographical album. Although this was not really the intention in the beginning.”

Natalia in 2003 during the auditions for “Idol”

More to say

There are several reasons why it is more personal. “I noticed that I had a lot more to say than before,” says the singer. “I’ll be 42 in December. This is the age I’ve been through a little bit more.” Motherhood is also involved. Together with her boyfriend Fredrik Benst, Natalia gave birth to a daughter, Bobby Loa, in March 2020, and a son, Apollo, in December last year. “Becoming a mother definitely contributed to that. You go through things and go through certain periods. It makes you think. I’m sure the record will be accessible to a lot of people. Whether they’re going to like it is another thing.” (Laugh)

The Corona crisis and the expansion of her family caused the collapse. One was welcome. However, 2023 is bound to be a musical explosion soon. First I will go on a theatrical tour to present the album and then a summer tour will follow. In November there is a Lotto Live Special. Which ends with Worry. For those who doubted it: Not only will new songs be reviewed, but old music will also be reviewed.

Dynamic mom

It’s not Natalia’s first time performing on major stages, but it’s fresh that she’s become a mother in the meantime. How will you combine touring with a busy family life? It certainly won’t always be easy. it will be Moment seek. He’s actually always looking out for the kids. It becomes a matter of setting boundaries and maybe crossing them now and then. I will handle it in the most dynamic way possible.”

informations Natalia will be playing at Lotto Arena on Saturday, November 18, 2023. Tickets are available from Tuesday, December 6, at 10 am.


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