February 8, 2023

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Frank Verstreiten brings a Zillion to Sportpaleis: "Back to the club from 1997" |  Instagram VTM News

Frank Verstreiten brings a Zillion to Sportpaleis: “Back to the club from 1997” | Instagram VTM News

MusicHe would disappear silently in case his identity was never revealed again, but nothing could be further from the truth. After a Zillion successful concerts in Waagnatie and a hopelessly sold out “PROJEXXX” gig in Ghent, the legendary dance temple is returning to its roots. On February 10, Verstraeten’s new party concept will arrive at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. Looks like “a zillion will really rise again that evening”.

With 450,000 visitors per month, the film is the most successful movie of the year. The after parties in Waagnatie were a blast, and the announced “PROJEXXX” party (on February 3rd at the Flanders Expo, ed.) was immediately allowed to be marked “Sold Out”. “The success is amazing,” says Zillion founder Frank Verstreten. “This party in Ghent has a capacity of twenty thousand people. It should be clear: Flanders feasts on all things Zillion. I also notice this on a personal level: Since I’ve been DJ Fou in Waagnatie, I can no longer keep up with requests to come and play. I won’t go into That, but I want to revive the Zillion unique feeling from last year. This is possible thanks to “PROJEXXX by Zillion,” and I’m so grateful for that.”

a look. This trailer should warm “Zillion” fans to PROJEXXX

“After the first release of ‘PROJEXXX’ sold out in no time, I got a lot of messages from ‘Zillion’ fans,” Frank continues. “They all asked me to throw such a party in Antwerp.” Frank listened, and now he’s bringing his “PROJEXXX” party to Sportpaleis on February 10th. Actually, it makes sense, this is a return to the hometown of “a zillion.” I know I said — after the movie was released — that I’d disappear anonymously again (see video below). But I’m obviously going to have to put those plans in the fridge for a while. Time. (Laughs)

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PROJEXXX is now also taking place in Antwerp. © RV

Bring Zillion back to life

Whether this is also a harbinger of more “PROJEXXX”PartiesVerstraeten dare not say. He concludes, “As long as fans ask about this, I will definitely consider it.” “But for now, that’s it. Logistically speaking, this is already an achievement. Just like in Ghent, we hold off everything expected for this to happen. Expect a high-tech show in Antwerp, topped off with the typical ‘Zillion’ sound. Shall I take care of something Extra special because it’s in Antwerp? I wouldn’t have said it, but in fact I did. I plan to turn the Sportpaleis into a Zillion replica. That evening the club will indeed rise again, just as it looked in 1997. Just wait and see. “

More information and tickets: https://zillion.xxx/

a look. Frank Verstreten says he wants to disappear without revealing his identity again

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