February 21, 2024

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Neena Gupta thrives while Sachiv Ji of Jitendra Kumar settles in Phulera

It’s only been about two months since Mishra TVF Gulak He took us to the heart of a small town in India and their bitter victories and victories. Relatively speaking, for the fourth consecutive season, the show has managed to walk a tightrope between what is personal and what is global. Now, TVF’s other great presentation, Panchayat Season 2, airing on Amazon Prime Video, offers snapshots of live moments and a touching experience that audiences are sure to remember long after they watched.

Same village, same actors, same music, but nothing bitter – that’s beauty The panchayats 2. You are as emotionally invested in the life of your villager, Fullera, as you were in season one. A lot of laughs along the way.

The eight-episode first season of Panchayat focused on Abhishek Tripathi (Jetendra Kumar), a recent graduate student. His government job takes him to a small village in Uttar Pradesh, Fulira panchayat sachaev† A city boy struggles to settle down in a village with a drastic change of pace, blackouts, and a different social and economic reality. He turns his attention to passing the CAT test so that he can escape from Bolera. On his journey he was accompanied by Pradhanji (Ragobir Yadav) and his wife Manju Devi (Nina Gupta), the real Pradhan, grams of sevac Vikas (Chandan Roy) and up-pradhan Prahlad (Faisal Malik). All in all, they make his life easier, and in the eighth episode, Abhishek is finally settled in Vulira.

A cut for a second season, where Abhishek smiles in the first scenes as workers in Polera get work done, clearly indicating his adaptation to village life. Writer Chandan Kumar and director Deepak Kumar Mishra have a great grip on the story and ensure that the gentle way they approach the lives of the Bolera residents greatly enhances the lively meaning of the show.

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In one instance, when his guests insisted that Pradhan Ji (Yadav) also eat candy at his daughter Rinke’s birthday party, he replied: Abhi Toh Pohut Pasha Hai, Hmm Toh Sepah Bhai Ye Hello Khainji (There’s still plenty left, and I’ll eat it tomorrow as well.” This reminded me of the times I’d eat leftovers from a party at home until it’s over or old. Another hilarious, hilarious moment is when the character is on his motorbike only to jump right in because the scorching sun I lit it.How can you not imagine living in 49 degrees Celsius in Delhi?

Faisal Malik, Raghuvir Yadav and Chandan Roy in Panchayat 2.

The makers of Panchayat 2 depicted the Indian hinterland like nothing we are used to seeing on screen. Neither Mirzapur with his weapons and squad nor our hero nor our heroine with dance. Sarsu Keshet. Instead, it’s a village that deals with related issues like public defecation, alcoholism, and the installation of security cameras, but with good humor.

The person running this business is Abhishek, who has no plans to bring about big changes in the village, but is only obligated and Kabir doesn’t want to scold him. He only thinks of open seats when he is warned of a ‘quick’ check. This typical management approach of a government official is not new to Indians. Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Azim. It shows the frustration of an ambitious young man stuck in the wrong place and the fears of a good-hearted man in equal amounts. Salute to the creators for not giving us “AdrashwadiA government official, because we’re not used to that.

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Besides Jitendra, the entire cast including actors Chandan Roy, Faisal Malik, Sunita Ragwar, Durjesh Kumar and Shrikant Verma, a well-written, clear, simple yet charming script, lived up to its high performance.

Among them is Mango Devi, who steals the real life scene, played by Nina Gupta. Despite being a villager, Pradhan is happy to make her to-do list as a housewife. Her husband, Brij Bhushan Dube (Yadav, another actor par excellence) is the Pradhan operator here. But this does not mean that she is unable to take up her official duties, or that she is happy to follow all of her husband’s orders.

Nina Gupta Panchayat 2 Nina Gupta in the movie Panchayat 2. (Image: Amazon Prime Video)

It’s amazing how she does what feels right, whether it’s finding a groom for her daughter or negotiating a mud price like Pradhan Village. She once tells Brig Buchan’s friend, who is back home, to pick up the dish he ate and keep it away. She is not even afraid of the ruthless MLA who insults her husband and others close to her and shows him his status in her unique style. It’s good to see Gupta getting more screen time this season because she brings so many subtleties and nuances to her performance.

The only hiccup comes when the story falters from a tragedy that struck Prahlad in the last episode. But it can be overlooked because of the nourishing experiences the show gives us to cherish. The strength of Panchayat 2 is that he does not take himself too seriously and slips easily into situational comedy.

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