July 23, 2024

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New AMD EPYC server chips have a larger cache

New AMD EPYC server chips have a larger cache

AMD made available four high-quality EPYC server processors with a much larger L3 cache. These AMD EPYC chips are ideal for heavy duty workloads and can therefore perform even more intense tasks.

AMD announced that it has added four new SKUs to its EPYC File for data center processors. The new chips, codenamed 7373X, 7473X, 7573X, and 7773X, feature AMD 3D V-Cache. L3 caches are stacked on top of each other, thus doubling the capacity.

Processors are generally made from only one piece of silicone. The new EPYC wafers consist of two pieces of silicon. An additional L3 cache chip is placed on top of the Zen 3 chip.

AMD plans for EPYC

These EPYC chips are suitable for most advanced applications. Consider highly challenging institution workloads such as visualization and modeling, along with scientific and academic applications. further added;

The purpose of the cache is to fetch data that will then be used by the processor, so that it is available before you have to go back to main memory to find the data. A larger L3 cache means more data is available faster for processors that can use their technical workloads.

The prices of the new AMD EPYC chips are said to be slightly higher due to the new and improved caching function. The 7373X 16-core starts at $4,185 (starting at 1,000 units) while the 7773X 64-core starts at a whopping $8,800.

AMD has once again introduced a competitive segment to the data center market. No doubt Intel will soon follow suit with an answer. Intel still has a more comprehensive portfolio, where the customer has more choice of chips for specific purposes. AMD has much fewer models, but they are trying to make them as versatile and competitive as possible.

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