December 9, 2022

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New details on Ubisoft's Project U or 'Pathfinder'

New details on Ubisoft’s Project U or ‘Pathfinder’

We’ve already been able to see most of the Ubisoft games in development via trailers, but the publisher also has some titles we haven’t seen yet. Project U is one of them, a cooperative shooter currently in development and recently released First play tests I started.

Players are not allowed to share information or photos, but they still do so despite the non-disclosure agreement and this now gives us more information via indoor games. The last name of the PvEvP shooter could be “Pathfinder” and the game has some architecture from the closed-door shooter Hyper Scape.

The objective of the game is to get to the center of the map, defeating the AI ​​enemies that are becoming increasingly challenging. However, some areas are locked until you reach a certain level, which again you do by killing enemies, completing missions, capturing areas and more.

In addition, you have to work together as a team, as there are different roles. You have attacker, defender, medic and support, all of them have separate skills. Finally, the game has a central hub where players can meet each other, a shooting range can also be found here and a series of mini-games.

It is not yet known when Ubisoft will show more Project U or Pathfinder.

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