December 7, 2023

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Nick Nuwens wants 1.1 million euros from Wout Van Aert, who will also appeal in veto |  Cycling

Nick Nuwens wants 1.1 million euros from Wout Van Aert, who will also appeal in veto | Cycling

CyclingThere will be no end to the legal battle between Nick Nuwens and Wat Van Aert for the time being. On 9 June this year, the Labor Court ordered cyclist Wout van Aert to pay severance payments of €662,403.31 to Nick Nuyens, after Wout van Aert terminated his contract with Sniper Cycling, the Nuyens team, on September 18, 2018. Reason” Break This contract ran until December 31, 2019.

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On November 26, 2019, the Mechelen Labor Court recognized Wout van Aert’s urgent reasons. This ruling was rejected by the Antwerp Labor Court on 9 June 2021. Both parties will now appeal the cassation.

Nick Nuwens is contesting in the Court of Cassation the income taken into account by the Employment Court in calculating severance payments of more than 662,000 euros. Only Wout van Aert’s fixed salary and insurance premiums at Sniper Cycling have been taken into account. Sniper also wants the start money, prizes and ratings premiums that Van Aert received from cyclo-cross organizers to be taken into account. This is why Nuyens and his lawyer Rudi Desmet are claiming severance payments of €1090.846.

Wout van Aert also appealed the Labor Court’s decision in cassation. In a detailed motive, attorney Walter van Stenbruge came to the conclusion that the labor court judge had failed to assess the urgent reasons for dismissal as described by Wout van Aert in his resignation letter. “The judge distorted the facts.” The fact that Niels Albert was not called to testify against the Labor Court was also maintained.

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The Labor Court agrees with Nuyens, and Van Aert was sentenced to a fine of 662,000 euros: “This is an absolute and complete rehabilitation”

Wout van Aert and Nick Nuyens are in better times. © PN