February 6, 2023

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Nikita (28 years old) shows her body on the beach: “People say I have a pretty face” |  my beach body

Nikita (28 years old) shows her body on the beach: “People say I have a pretty face” | my beach body

During the summer, you sometimes come across a detailed plan for the perfect bikini body. Step one: Put on a swimsuit. Step Two: Have a bikini body. This is it. To emphasize this message, Nikita (28 years old) wears a swimsuit. After she cheated on her ex-husband, she lost over ten pounds and found it difficult to love her body. She tells how you skipped this step by step. “I have a love-hate relationship with my stomach.”

For a new series, NINA went to the Belgian coast. We photographed men and women and talked to them about everything they like about themselves. The message should be clear: m, v or x, big or small, size 34 or 54, it doesn’t matter, because everyone deserves to be a model bikini.

There are those people who immediately stand out when you meet them on the street. Nikita (28 years old) is such a person. A real field jump with an infectious smile instantly puts you in a good mood. A woman who exudes a lot of self-confidence, even if it used to be different, she says. “As a teenager, I was constantly inclined to compare myself to my peers. Other girls had more curves, and more feminine shapes. As a result, I wasn’t very comfortable with my skin. But luckily I learned to let that go through the years.”

Now, for example, Nikita is very satisfied with her breasts. “A year and a half ago, I had a breast augmentation. I am very happy with that,” she says. “I was flat out front and regretted I didn’t have a nice bodice. So I made that choice myself. My chest is now not too big, but it’s naturally well plump. And I’m proud of that.” (Laugh)

Nikita. © Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / ph

But her greatest asset? She thinks these are her eyes. “I love my whole face, but my eyes stand out. They’re a mix of blue, gray, and green, and I get them regularly. The only thing I’d change is my teeth. They’re a bit crooked, and I’ve lost one tooth as well,” she says, lamenting. “On the other hand, people say I have a nice smile, so I may have to accept that it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

“I also feel good about my legs. Three years ago I was heavier and started exercising. First at home, with weights I bought online. I only walked when it got dark so no one could see me. I’m glad I started that way, because A lot of people get nervous when they go to the gym for the first time. For me, that threshold was much smaller because I already knew the right techniques, had a training schedule and was more confident in my body.”

When Nikita speaks, she has twinkling lights in her eyes, but at the same time she is surrounded by deeper lines that betray that she went through a difficult period not so long ago. A year ago, my relationship ended. Turns out my boyfriend cheated on me all poppy. I had already passed through a deep valley back then. I thought fornication was my fault, that I had made a mistake, when he was just the wrong man for me.”

“Because of a heartbreak, I was not hungry. Finally it became a habit to not eat anything. Result: in one month I lost ten to twelve kilograms. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening I stood on the scale to make sure I did not gain any weight. My weight became an obsession. As for me. I wouldn’t say it was an eating disorder, but I wasn’t far off.”


Even though I’m not fat at all, I still have a love-hate relationship with my stomach.


“I owe my mom a big part of that dark period,” Nikita says. “She would cook regularly and come to my house with a meal. Then I ate, to make her happy. So I slowly started eating more and learned to enjoy a snack and a drink again.”

Her confidence also got a boost from an unexpected source: TikTok. “It is sometimes said that social media is bad for self-confidence, but with me the opposite is true. I am active on TikTok and also have some followers (More than 25,500, ed.). Being on this channel gives me a lot of energy. And even my followers sent me anxious messages during that time: “Nikita, you’ve really lost weight now.” It opened my eyes that I desperately needed to take more care of myself. And so I’m back to a healthy weight.”

“Even though I’m not fat at all, I still have a love-hate relationship with my stomach. Logically speaking, I’m happy with my body, but if I allow myself and my pants start to tighten, I still feel insecure. (a smile) “

“I used to have full stools. But since I lost weight, it’s collapsed. Too bad, huh. I’d like those feminine buttocks back. But hey, it’s also a sign that there’s always going to be something less satisfying about it. I think a lot of women would admit That feeling. So I try to put up with it. Far more important than minor imperfections is that I’m happy with my body, who I am and can be one hundred percent who I am.”


Nikita. © Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / ph

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