June 24, 2024

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NMBS launches flexible subscription for remote workers

NMBS launches flexible subscription for remote workers

The railway company points out that remote work is well established, especially since the Corona pandemic. NMBS wants to make the train more attractive to remote workers with modified products. This should help achieve the intended passenger growth (+30 percent in ten years).

In 2021, a pilot project with flexible subscriptions was launched, with twenty companies and organizations from the private and public sectors. Subscriptions are now ready to be traded. NMBS builds on the observation that “the majority of remote workers commute to their place of work on average two to three days per week. The new subscription formula is therefore focused on this commuter segment.”

Flexible subscriptions will only be available through the app. In the first phase, individuals can purchase a “Flex 10” subscription, which allows them to cycle between two pre-selected stations on ten days per month. The Season Pass must be activated each day of travel. This results in a QR code that the train conductor can scan.

The subscription price depends on the distance between the two stations. For example, for a “Flex 10” subscription between Ghent-Sint-Pieters and Brussels-South, you pay €141 (or €14.40 per day of travel). The standard monthly subscription costs 199 euros. With this you can travel unlimited on the chosen route. You can compare prices NMBS simulator.

From the end of April, companies and organizations will be able to offer their employees flexible subscriptions for a month (6 or 10 days) or a year (80 or 120 days).