December 6, 2023

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North Korea may conduct a new missile test |  North Korea

North Korea may conduct a new missile test | North Korea

The Japanese Coast Guard reported today that North Korea fired two more projectiles. The Coast Guard says they may again be ballistic missiles.

The two short-range ballistic missiles were launched on Monday morning before 9 a.m. (1 a.m. Belgian time) from an airport near the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. According to the South Korean army staff, they traveled 380 km at an altitude of 42 km.

Several UN resolutions prohibit the self-proclaimed nuclear energy North Korea from conducting ballistic missile tests. Some of these missiles can carry a warhead. These missiles follow a ballistic trajectory and can be launched from different platforms, such as ships and aircraft, and from the ground.

Fourth missile test

If North Korea confirms a missile launch, it will be the fourth since early this year. A test was held on Friday. According to Pyongyang, two missiles were launched from a mobile launch site toward the sea at that time. The test was considered in response to new sanctions from the United States.

On Wednesday, the US Treasury announced the imposition of sanctions on five North Koreans. They are accused of trying to obtain supplies for the country’s weapons and missile program. The United States also wants to impose new sanctions on North Korea through the United Nations.

The statement said the frequency and variety of tests showed North Korea was “trying to improve its technology and operational capabilities to conduct covert actions so that other countries struggle to pick up signals of readiness to launch.” Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi at a press conference.

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The Japanese minister warned that “North Korea’s brilliant development of missile technologies cannot be ignored for the security of Japan and the region.”