March 4, 2024

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Noticed call from Vertonghen: "FIFA, enter effective playing time" |  football

Noticed call from Vertonghen: “FIFA, enter effective playing time” | football

Jan Vertonghen has revived the debate about effective football playing time on Twitter. The Red Devil made a great plea to deliver as quickly as possible. 2 hitting 30 minutes would be ideal according to the defender. He also suggested “the red cards of the Schwalps are clear”.

A cup match between FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon was scheduled for yesterday in Portugal. And that match must have inspired Vertonghen to launch his idea.

“We urgently need to provide efficient playing time,” he wrote, also referring to the official FIFA account in his post. “Teams abusing Schwalps and wasting time ensure it’s no longer fun for the fans. They want to watch football, not theatre.”

He became even more specific in a second tweet. “Two times, 30 minutes and a visible stopwatch setting.” He also wants tougher action against comedians. “Schwalbes’ red cards are clear, please.”

Jan Vertonghen’s tweets have been retweeted thousands of times and also picked up by the media at home and abroad. So the discussion seems to be a bit open again.

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