June 13, 2024

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Olympiacos completes the Greek tale by winning the Conference League after extra time

Olympiacos completes the Greek tale by winning the Conference League after extra time

Olympiacos Piraeus


  1. 28′ – Yellow – Daniel Podence
  2. 42′ – Yellow – Lucas Martinez Quarta
  1. 59′ – Continue. Andrea Belotti by Mbala downwards
  2. 73′ – Continue. Kostas Fortunis to Stefan Jovetic
  3. 74′ – Continue. Arthur Alfred Duncan
  4. 77′ – Continue. Chiquinho by Andre Horta
  5. 79′ – Yellow – Christian Kouame
  6. 82′ – Continue. Giacomo Bonaventura by Antonin Barac
  7. 82′ – Continue. Christian Kwame by Jonathan Ikone

Europa League – Round 1 – 05/29/24 – 21:01

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Ayoub Al-Kaabi


Ayoub Al-Kaabi

1 – 0

Of the 80 trophies in the club’s history, this is the most impressive. Olympiacos won their first major European trophy with the Conference League. In the final match against Fiorentina, the Greeks won by the smallest margin after extra time. Ayoub Al Kaabi crowned himself a champion by scoring the winning goal in the absolute final.

Olympiacos – Fiorentina in brief:

  1. Key moment

    While the penalty shootout conclusion is approaching, Olympiacos still strikes in the second overtime. El Kaabi beats Ranieri after a cross from Hazy and also beats Terracciano. Hence there is not enough time for Fiorentina to respond.

  2. Man of the match

    Ayoub El Kaabi certainly did not play his best game, but the Moroccan made the difference for Olympiacos with a wonderful goal. The eleventh goal in nine matches for the Conference League top scorer. No one has done that to him in the knockout stage of European competition.

  3. distinct

    Olympiacos writes history by winning its first European final, and no Greek team has ever won the European Cup. For Fiorentina, the European finals seem cursed. The team reached the European final six times, winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup only in 1961.

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The promising start will not last

L’Italia s’è desta, Italy has awakened. The first lines of the Italian national anthem Fratelli d’Italia have rarely seemed so appropriate. After Atalanta won the Europa League title last week, the conference league could also become prey for Italian football.

After losing the final last year to West Ham, Fiorentina has more experience than Olympiacos Piraeus, which reached a European final for the first time. At the Agia Sophia Stadium for arch rivals AEK Athens, the Greek record champions had home advantage with the support of thousands of Greek fans.

Both teams started the final undeterred. Terracciano had to make his move a few minutes later as a shot from Podence and at the other end Belotti made Olympiacos tremble. The match went back and forth, giving the final a promising start, with a high pace.

Fiorentina pressed a little more after that. Milinkovic had a goal ruled out for offside, and Bonaventura twice found Tzoulakis in his path. On the other hand, Terracciano had to save Podence’s header.

The Kaaba striker, the man who took Olympiacos to the final with 10 goals in 8 matches, barely features in this piece. With peace in sight, the Moroccan suddenly appeared in front of Terracciano, but allowed himself to be outdone by the goalkeeper and tackled to the ground.

The second half is chaotic

The second half surprised early with a strong collision between Belotti and Ritsos. The first of many stops in the second half that didn’t happen.

In a chaotic football match, there was nothing to do until twenty minutes before the end. Following a pass from Dodo, Kouame scored the opening goal with his foot, but a powerful shot gave the former Anderlecht player the opportunity for Tzoulakis to save the day.

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Olympiacos also came close to scoring. Two excellent free kicks from substitute Horta were key. First, Iborra headed wide and then crossed El Kaabi directly under the ball. Rare moments in the final when things went from bad to worse.

Kaabi makes the Greeks dance with joy

The usual playing time did not produce a winner and so football had to be played in Athens until after midnight. Olympiacos came close to scoring in the first extra period. Jovetic, of all people, almost beat his former team, but Terracciano kept Fiorentina upright once again.

If the first extension was for Olympiacos, the second was for Fiorentina. Ikoné was able to make a pass into the box in one go, but just like Kouamé earlier in the game, he didn’t hit the ball. Thus Tzoulakis was able to intervene again.

A few minutes later, an icy cold shower followed at La Viola. El Kaabi made a perfect run to get the ball after a cross from Hezi and caught Terracciano. After the goal was verified by VAR, the light turned green, and the Greek fans went crazy.

Fiorentina loses the conference league final for the second year in a row. Olympiacos immediately won the first European final, Greek football reached its peak and finally secured the European Cup for the first time in history.

Stage after stage

Carmo Ikone blocks!

Fiorentina gets an additional 5 minutes to take penalty kicks. Ikoné is perfectly launched into the box and can shoot from close range, but Carmo is able to block his shot. Olympiacos are in good form here.

An additional 5 minutes will be added.

Ikone was unable to score the equaliser

Number of goals!

Huge cheers from the Greek fans! The goal does not count. Hit number 11 for Al Kaabi in 9 matches. Can Fiorentina qualify or will they lose the Conference League final for the second year in a row?

Then anyway! Al Kaabi scores for Olympiacos in the 115th minute: 1-0

There is still a reservation, because there will be an examination of the target. Was Kaabi offside?

Al-Kaabi does it with Olympiacos!

Then Kaabi! The Conference League’s top scorer makes a perfect jump on the ball after a cross from Hezze and catches Terracciano.

Now more possession for Fiorentina, who play aggressively in the second overtime.

Philip Goss

Fiorentina increases the pressure for a while with a good attack, but again the problem is the finishing. Ikone can shoot the ball once inside the box, but he breaks his shot. Thus, Tzoulakis can save Olympiacos.

Great opportunity for Fiorentina, but again no goal

Second extension

Some additional personnel changes at the start of the second extra period. Ranieri and Beltran joined the squad at Fiorentina, and Masouras at Olympiacos.