December 1, 2023

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“Only” 14,000 additional homes in Drenthe County, despite the area: “Nature must be protected”

“Only” 14,000 additional homes in Drenthe County, despite the area: “Nature must be protected”

Drenthe County only needs to build an additional 14,000 homes by 2030, despite the space the county provides. This number is much lower than what is required of other provinces for new construction. “This is what The Hague has concluded. Out of a total of nearly a million homes. These are the choices the government is making,” says RTV correspondent Drenthe Serge Vinkenvlieg on WNL Haagse Lobby on NPO Radio 1.

Earlier, Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning Hugh de Jong indicated that as many homes as possible should be built in the short term before 2030. “But there is no such space in Drenthe,” says Harm Holman, No. 20 of the New Social Contract. The intended agricultural speaker for Peter Omtzgut. “We have very valuable nature and Drenthe has a policy that protects nature. District zoning plans are designed for this, so building is often not allowed there.

Randstad people go to Drenthe?

Is Drenthe County waiting for people from Randstad, if they can move to the county? “I think Drenthe actually provides an opportunity to solve national problems as well,” says Xander Topma, No. 22 of the Socialist Party and leader of a faction in the Maple municipal council. “When it comes to housing, for example, there is actually more space in Drenthe County. The desire for homes is still great. So it is investments in this area, linked to infrastructure, that also provide opportunities for economic growth.

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“What also plays a role is that people from the West are also coming with very large wallets, buying nice houses and leaving our people behind,” Holman continues. According to Vinkenvlieg, this is called “Drentenieren”. “This is a very old concept and means that wealthy people from the west of the Netherlands, who have already spent most of their working lives, buy a house or a second home in Drenthe.”

Young people are moving away

Finkenflieg also sees young people moving away from the district. According to him, this is due to lack of investment by the government. “A significant amount has been invested in prosperous parts of the Netherlands, but less in places like Drenthe.”

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According to the regional journalist, this problem could be addressed by settling Drenthe with the rest of the Netherlands. “Why can someone in Drenthe only be able to go somewhere by bus once every two hours, while someone in Zoetermeer can take the city tram to The Hague nine times an hour? Divide that equally.”

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Written by: Rick Hartkamp