May 27, 2024

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Our opinion: a hand on the plow, or not at all

Our opinion: a hand on the plow, or not at all

What do we do with ourselves…

As far as Signify is concerned, this job loss isn’t big news anymore. Meanwhile, all allusions to the light in newspaper articles have already been reviewed.

From the moment it became clear that Turnhout would not play a role in the production of LEDs, he wrote in the stars, light years from here, that the light is gradually dying out at Signify. And that it was only a matter of time before the latter would turn off the lights at the factory in Turnhout.

But Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Here’s another pair of pills.

That was one of those pioneering companies. Even here there is a research and development department. Even search. Not just any manual labor. But our brains do the work.

In other words, the kind of work we always say is our future, here in Kempen, and by extension in Flanders. If they start pruning there too…

Only, of course, Janssen Pharmaceutica is no longer owned by Dr. Paul. Just as we once sold gas and electricity abroad.

Not that we should completely withdraw ourselves. I don’t think that’s much better in a country that does that, for example. A country like North Korea, for example.

Although I must admit that I have never enjoyed a cocktail under a palm tree. No idea even if this kind of tourism is possible.

But sometimes there may be some truth to old Roger’s famous wisdom: What we do ourselves, we do better.

So hand over to the plow. here. now. we.

I mean that figuratively, not literally. Because we will have to do it with our knowledge.

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with research and development. Always with innovation and new technologies.

Because as far as this plow is concerned, our farmers are not very confident when it comes to their work (and their lives).