June 23, 2024

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Overview |  The culture sector can open again, who will?  And when?

Overview | The culture sector can open again, who will? And when?

On Tuesday, the State Council suspended the closure of the cultural sector, which means that theaters and cinemas may reopen their doors. The reopening is still subject to the decision of the advisory committee and the publication of the royal decree, but it now appears that this is a detail. So many cultural institutions are already preparing to reopen. However, not everyone can return to work immediately.


• Things are going well in Antwerp torch theater It opens again from Sunday. “We want to see series performances before christmas kids “Resume work as quickly as possible,” says director Sam Verhoeven. “We will be moving shows canceled this week into February.”

According to Verhoeven, the reopening is planned “only” on Sunday because a lot of practical matters have to be arranged again. “We need to contact people who have been told their performance has already been postponed to say they can now come and watch at the original time,” he says. It’s about 200 people a day because the shows are all sold out. But of course we’re glad we can get back to work.

Opera Ballet of Flanders It will start again from January 12th. The next show is Liebestod’s premiere at Opera Gent. This is followed by four shows Bohemian From January 14.

• Still in Antwerp resumes theater house Wednesday evening already in the show Borla sheep song By FC Bergman for an audience of 200 people. The piece is still scheduled to be shown Thursday evening. “Following the State Council’s decision last night, we immediately started contacting,” spokeswoman Lynn van de Putt says. “Everyone is eager to start over.”

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Kamal Kharmash playing tonight conference at the end of the year In the Antwerp Arenbergschforg, while the theater troupe was Berlin Immediately returns to work at the Morzel Cultural Center with a performance a copy the same as orgenal. The studio in Antwerp will resume some youth shows from January 5, and the extended Hullep tour could still begin in January by Peter De Graef and Maaike Cafmeyer a day later.


Kinepolis It will not reopen until January 1st. “We have just prepared everything for closing, and now we are making full preparations for reopening,” spokeswoman Anneline van Tross said. “It’s not so easy that we can turn the light back on.” The staff, among other things, must be mobilized again. It’s a true rollercoaster, according to Van Tross. “We’ll be back to work with staff planning, programming, ticket sales, etc.”

The spokeswoman cannot quantify exactly the financial impact of the short-term closure. We can’t put a number on it. But the Christmas holidays are the peak period for us, so it’s a shame we have to shut down for a few days,” she says. “Hopefully in more stable waters in the near future.”

User Generated Content, the second largest cinema chain in Belgium, will welcome its visitors again starting Thursday. During the day, programming will be added to the site again.

• Not only are Antwerp theater halls preparing for their reopening, but also many of the city’s cinemas. cartoon cinema Behind the town hall they did it right on tuesday evening, Light Cinema In Antwerp and Mechelen it opens again on Wednesdays and Cinema Van De Studio in Antwerp South is doing everything it can to open again from Thursday.

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Zed cinema In Leuven it will open its doors again on January 1. Cinema ZED’s second branch, in Hasselt, will reopen on January 2. The halls are only open on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. “We want to start the new year with a fresh start,” says Maxime Vangompel of Cinema ZED. Now opening again will not be possible either: we have to prepare the programming again. Everyone is welcome back from January. We anticipate that we will have to consider capacity constraints.