June 13, 2024

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Pascale Adrians (Open Vld) says goodbye to Zwalm politics in a minor key

Pascale Adrians (Open Vld) says goodbye to Zwalm politics in a minor key

Since 2001, Pascale Adrianes has been Municipal Councilor of the City Council for two legislative bodies
side. Pascal: “This was followed by a 6-year term during which I held my position
President of OCMW and Alderman for Social Welfare and Local Affairs
The economy is set.
She also participated in the 2012 provincial council elections
Flemish Parliament elections in 2014.
After the previous municipal elections, our party ended…
Negotiation failure From the then president and party leader V
Opposition and yet I am my councillor.
It has always been an honor to be an active participant in the front row
To be allowed to carry out political administration in Zwalm.”

No more sharing and ingratitude!

Pascal: But: I decided not to participate in the next conference
Municipal elections. I have a very difficult time with injustice
Some members of the Board of Directors and the way decisions are made
Be in the party council.
In the run-up to the recent municipal elections, my husband, Carl
Vander Meeren joined the Board of Directors to equip himself with specialized knowledge
– Full commitment to the interests of the party. This has been done by some
The (former) board members were not thanked because he had participated in the past
To the elections under the banner of Christian Democrats. It became work
It made him so tired of the party that he resigned after a few months
Taken from the Council.

Everything is possible at once

Pascal: But it seems that anything is possible in the upcoming municipal elections.
It was pointed out that the current council is without any consultation with the faction within it
The municipal council decided socialist with pleasure
To welcome. This subsequently led to a name change
side. These actions defy all logic and are disrespectful to Karl W
This is the moment and the reason to distance ourselves from politics
To live.
I am grateful for all the support I have received from my constituents, as well as from
The personal and professional experiences my political office provided me
had brought.”