December 6, 2023

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Paul (22) pretends to be a model so he can steal quietly later, and it works out weird

Paul (22) pretends to be a model so he can steal quietly later, and it works out weird

And here it is, in the right corner. With a straight back, wallet in hand and a view of infinity. Just like a real supermodel! Well not quite. But this cunning thief’s plan worked: by pretending to be a fashion model, he managed to remain alone and unnoticed in a shopping center in the Polish capital Warsaw and was able to move. What killed him in the end? His hungry stomach.

look. The man was taken by the police after the accident:

You need to tell him: This 22-year-old thief is an original, who is suspected of several thefts in several shopping centers in Warsaw. On several occasions, the young man managed to stay alone in shopping malls after closing time, and then quietly steal.

A police photo shows him standing subtly unfrozen in a store window during one of those times. But apparently he was accurate enough, because no one saw him and he again succeeded in his goal. “He stood there until everyone left. When he felt it was safe, he went fishing and stole the jewelry,” Warsaw police said.

He thought it was just a new outfit and then something to eat. © Warsaw Police


During one of his robberies, the thief turned out to be very hungry. Because instead of immediately fleeing after exiting the store by crawling under the store shutters, he decided to have a meal in the shopping mall. After getting dressed at a new clothing store, he returned for another round of shopping. Then he was arrested by security personnel.

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“He stopped at the same restaurant twice to get something to eat,” police said. “Eventually his luck ran out and he was spotted and arrested by security personnel.”

Police say the 22-year-old Polish man committed thefts and other robberies at other shopping centres, stealing money from cash desks and trying to steal items after they closed. The man is now in custody and will soon be able to explain the matter to the judge.

Photo of the arrest of the Polish thief.
Photo of the arrest of the Polish thief. © Warsaw Police