September 30, 2022

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Peter Loridon deliberately allows himself to catch corona: “Another saliva hit my nose” |  the interior

Peter Loridon deliberately allows himself to catch corona: “Another saliva hit my nose” | the interior

The famous Flemish and former basketball player Peter Loridon, 49, deliberately allowed him to contract the Corona virus. “I deliberately allowed myself to get infected,” Loredon says on Instagram. “Other saliva hit my nose with positive results.” BV says he has to travel abroad soon. If you have not been vaccinated, you will need a recovery certificate. But what Loridon does is not without danger. The Czech singer who did the same paid her life.

“No, I will not be involved with V (vaccination company, editor),” Loridon wrote on Instagram. “I will soon have to travel abroad for work and a healthy person can no longer do without a V (vaccine, editor). #Disturbed,” it seems. “So I’m going to get a natural booster for my natural immune system that works great on variants.”

The text also includes an image in which it appears as if the BV is “spitting” his saliva down his nose.

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In the continuation of the post, Loridon says he sees people around him who have been vaccinated three times, but are “very afraid of any infection.” On the other hand, there are “people like me who transmit infection consciously (without fear) so that they can move freely.”


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The method used by the former basketball player is not without danger. also Czech folk singer Hana Horka, 51, deliberately allowed herself to be infected, but paid the price for it.

In November, a 55-year-old man also died in Italy from the consequences of Corona, after he deliberately went to visit ‘Virus’.infection partyin South Tyrol. Others ended up in intensive care with similar injuries.

Long Covid

Moreover, even with a “mild” infection, i.e. an infection that does not end in hospital, you can still get “prolonged” Covid. Patients with Covid lung disease still sometimes experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, or problems with memory and concentration months later.

It’s a bad idea anyway, says Gregory Poland, director of the Vaccine Research Group at the Mayo Clinic. According to him, it is better to vaccinate. “The booster shot is still much safer than getting Covid-19, especially for those at high risk of serious illness, such as people over 70, people with diabetes or those with compromised immune systems,” Poland says. A full vaccination with a booster dose is recommended. In the best case scenario, you wouldn’t be injured. In the second best case scenario, you would still catch Covid-19 despite the booster vaccination, but only with mild or even no symptoms. The worst case scenario is a complete lack of vaccination and the risk of serious illness or even death after infection.

The Dutch Ministry of Health also warns against deliberately infecting yourself. “Coronavirus is dangerous. You can get seriously ill from it,” it seems a statment. And you can pass the infection on to others, who in turn can become seriously ill. Anyone who intentionally infects himself puts public health at risk.”

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