April 15, 2024

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Peter Vandenbett: "It's going a little faster at Bayern than at Man City" |  Champions League

Peter Vandenbett: “It’s going a little faster at Bayern than at Man City” | Champions League

Bayern Munich rages in the Champions League crazy. After the 0-3 victory over Barcelona and the 5-0 victory over Dynamo Kiev, Bayern won 0-4 against Benfica last night. “And they will get better,” said Peter Vandenbemet, who commented on yesterday’s Proximus match.

It is difficult to say whether Bayern Munich under coach Julian Nagelsmann is better than under Hansi Flick. I was actually affected by them two years ago. Nagelsmann has already tried to put some of his own accents. It just started. They will get better.

At Bayern Munich, Nagelsmann builds on what Flick achieved there over two seasons. It’s a well-equipped team, machine. A group of individual talents. Premium class players with a lot of experience. In addition, she is physically in the best condition.

Bayern were once again impressively good against Benfica, although it took a long time before they could make the difference. This is also because Benfica was very strong. Because despite that 0-4, the home team performed very well.

If you leave a game against a team like Bayern for a while, you will score a few goals in no time.

Peter Vandenpet

Before that, we wondered if Benfica-Bayern play some role in the ranks of Club Brugge and Manchester City. But unlike Klopp against City, Benfica managed to develop their style of play against Bayern at times. It is a very good and attractive team. Benfica played football bravely, frankly and freely.

But if you leave a game against a team like Bayern for a while, you will score a few goals in no time. One moment less intense and they score.

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Yarimchuk had a tough game in poor conditions, but before the break Darwin Nunez was able to make the difference individually. I think he will be the next player to sell Benfica for a lot of money.

Bayern put four into a strong basket from Benfica on Wednesday.

“Bayern is still my favorite in the Champions League”

Bayern do it like Manchester City: they constantly want the ball and they also try to get the ball back as quickly as possible. This is now slightly different under Nagelsmann’s than in Flick’s shade. Bayern Munich now has more control and there are also more counter strikes.

Bayern is out of the rankings. They also have a deep striker. Manchester City does not have that. Robert Lewandowski is one of the best strikers in the world in my opinion.

I said before the season that Bayern are the favorites to win the Champions League. It’s a real band. This is the big difference with Paris Saint-Germain.

Bayern is out of the rankings. They also have a deep striker with Lewandowski. Manchester City does not have that.

Peter Vandenpet

Bayern Munich combine extreme style, speed and ball spin that few teams can achieve. In duels they are strong and the prospects are incredible. And when the need arises, that great goalkeeper Neuer is still there to make a great save. He is still there at the age of thirty-five.

They have now scored on the line in 84 consecutive matches and are unbeaten in the Champions League in 20 consecutive matches. This is massive.

The fact that Benfica did really well yesterday and lost 0-4, basically shows how strong Bayern are at the moment.

“Bayern and City are the two teams to beat”

Compared to Manchester City, he is sometimes a little faster and more direct at Bayern. Tapping the ball while the patient is waiting in City takes a little longer. At Bayern things go faster in the depths.

Bayern can score or create danger in every possible way. In combination, constantly with mobile people, on the counterattack.

The city is always dangerous in the same way, with possessions and people walking. You know what’s going to happen, but you can’t defend against it.

We haven’t seen the best of Manchester City against Club Brugge yet. De Bruyne wasn’t in the lead yet. Like Bayern, City will improve. They are currently the two teams to beat, some seasons better than PSG. It remains to be seen how it will look next spring.