March 5, 2024

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Piranha Bites confirms that it is “in a difficult situation” –

Piranha Bites confirms that it is “in a difficult situation” –

Recently, rumors have begun to spread that developer Piranha Bytes, who introduced the world to the Risen and Gothic series, is currently developing a Gothic-themed remake and is believed to be working on a third Elex title, is facing a shutdown issue. The company is owned by Embracer Group, which after a difficult few years in business recently closed a variety of studios as part of cost-cutting measures.

With rumors surfacing that Piranha Bytes is in trouble, the developer has now made a decision

“Yes, that's right. We, Piranha Bytes, are in a tough situation. There's a lot of news circulating about us at the moment and this is our response: Don't unsubscribe from us yet!”

“We do everything we can to continue creating worlds where you can lose yourself. This is what our hearts have always beat for.”

“We are convinced that we will succeed. We are creative minds and have no shortage of ideas! We will stick together no matter what happens.”

“Now we are focusing all our efforts on this goal and doing everything we can to find a partner for this project. As soon as news comes out, we will share it with you. Thank you very much for your continued support.”

It's unclear what this disruption will mean for Piranha Bytes' upcoming projects, but for now, the Gothic remake is still scheduled to debut this year.

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