February 21, 2024

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Pixel 6 errors keep popping up

Pixel 6 errors keep popping up

Google’s Pixel 6 phone is back in the news because something wasn’t quite right after the update. Was it two months ago? WiFi connection problemsThis time it is the basic function of the phone which no longer works flawlessly after the update. Various forums mention Pixel 6 smartphones no longer sending all incoming phone calls after the latest update.

Incoming phone calls are rejected

In addition, calls appear to be rejected by the device itself without the user knowing about it or receiving a notification. Apart from the fact that the device does not display a ringtone or vibrate, these users also do not receive any “missed call” notification. However, affected incoming calls will appear as ‘Rejected’ in the ‘Recent calls’ list. The caller, as far as is known, simply hears the normal sound of the phone ringing on the other end of the line. However, there is no answer and after a few moments the caller is redirected to voicemail – if it is on – or receives a message that the recipient is unreachable.

Pixel 6 users are affected by this new error report that occurs for both known (contacts) and unknown phone numbers. However, it does not happen continuously. Sometimes a call will be rejected, other times the same person will call again and the device will pass the call.

Reset device

The user affected by the error writes reddit He did not try to solve the problem in vain. This varies from disabling the filter to block spam calls, disabling WiFi calls, checking if Do Not Disturb is turned off and also the function that allows incoming calls (from certain contacts) directly to voicemail. Finally, he also reset the network settings of the network provider. So all without result.

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There is currently no solution to these problems. Some users say that a full reset (factory reset) of their Pixel 6 (Pro) fixed the problem, but that’s not the case for everyone.