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Practical experience Audi Q4 e-tron: where is the added value?

Practical experience Audi Q4 e-tron: where is the added value?

The Q4 e-tron is the first Audi to use this platform. While you can clearly see its genes in the Cobra Born, Audi has managed to hide the fact that the Volkswagen ID.4 lies beneath the skin. The relationship with the larger Q8 e-tron, which uses a different platform, became immediately clear.

The technology is of course comparable to other MEB models, although Audi goes a little further in terms of performance. You haven't seen that yet with the base model e-tron 35 with 170 hp and a net 52 kWh battery pack, or the e-tron 40 with a 76.6 kWh battery pack and 204 hp. These models, such as the e-tron 50, have now disappeared from the range, with only the 45 and 55 remaining. The former always has 286 hp, but depending on your choice of quattro version, it can be launched on two or four wheels. The 340 hp e-tron 55 has permanent all-wheel drive.

Ease of use and seating comfort

The Q4 e-tron shares its dimensions with the Volkswagen ID4, and is a car that satisfies drivers in terms of space. Audi drivers seem to find space a little less important. At least they don't care much about it in their reviews. One driver does and is satisfied. “Although the external dimensions are modest – the length is about 4.60 meters – the interior space is very spacious,” he writes. “Personally, I am 1.91 metres, but with a good driving position as a driver, a 1.90 metre-tall person can sit behind me and not be ‘stuck’.”

Another driver switched from an Audi Q5 plug-in hybrid. As far as space is concerned, this seems to be no step backwards. “The trunk is 520 litres, which is a little bigger and better because of the double floor, where the charging cables and some cleaning supplies are.” The latter option is probably necessary, because a third passenger reported: “Having a box in the front would be very useful for the charging cable…enough space, so I don't really understand why not to create a compartment there.”

Audi Q4 e-tron and Q4 e-tron Sportback

We only read good things about chairs. “With my height of 1.75 metres, you can find a good seating position behind the nice flat sports steering wheel,” the driver tests the Audi with his mouth. “The seats are widely adjustable, fit well and provide good support, even on long trips,” he writes of his Q4 e-tron 40 Launch Edition S Competition. In this section you will often read references to Volvo furniture. And that's also the case here: “With twelve years of experience in Volvo chairs, I was a bit skeptical beforehand, but I have to honestly say they are beautiful chairs.” Store off? no. “Although they don't match Volvo seats, they simply fit better.” The S Edition driver disagrees and particularly praises the length of the seat. “The seats are great. I don't think there are any better cars, because in any other car you're always shorter with support from your thighs.”

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Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron

Dashboard, infotainment and controls

We don't always do this, but Audi requires extra attention inside. Whereas previously the brand received nothing but praise, drivers are now becoming more critical. “The materials used are reasonable,” says the Q4 e-tron 40 Edition Advanced Plus driver. “It's amazing that Audi used beautiful soft materials on top of the dashboard, which you don't touch every day. However, in the doors it is hard plastic. The driver of the Advanced version is less satisfied as well. “Inside you see a lot of hard plastic, which shows It quickly shows signs of use.”

Other advanced version driver is largely satisfied. “The dashboard is stylish and the menu structure is quick enough. Unfortunately, the steering wheel no longer has old-fashioned buttons, but touch buttons. Not comfortable, but that's the way it is. The navigation screen is in the Google position and works well. The information screen is large And it can be read clearly. Not everyone thinks so. “The MMI and displays are beautifully detailed and require some getting used to in operation and the locations in which things are placed. Google's navigation is great but outdated. Voice control works well in most cases. “I mainly use this to call contacts from the address book,” says the Competition S driver.

Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron

How does the Audi Q4 e-tron drive?

Then driving, not an unimportant part. The Q4 reportedly does that well. “I really like the car and it is very quiet,” the former Q5 driver wrote. “If it responds well to traffic, the regen in B mode is great and you don't have to touch the brakes. The brakes are only necessary when stopping at one hundred percent. Compared to the Q5 S-Line, the Q4 drives quieter and steers more precisely. And what about The chassis? “My previous six Audis were all S-line models with a lowered chassis. It's not this one, but it has excellent suspension and grips the road just as well as the previous cars. So I don't miss it.”

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The driver of the rear-wheel drive e-tron 40 is also satisfied. “The car is heavy, more than 2,050 kg, but the power of the electric motor is more than enough (150 kilowatts) and it is located on the rear axle, which makes the steering very quiet due to the absence of driving on the front wheels.” He points out another advantage. “This also makes the turning circle very small, which is great when parking and in parking lots.” The driver of a similar Q4 e-tron wrote: “The car is very quiet with the optional acoustic glass. And I have no complaints about the driving characteristics. Despite the 20-inch wheels, it offers adequate comfort.

The owner of an Audi with a mouth describes the characteristics of his Competition S as follows. “The car may be designed to be a sports car, but it's actually not… It's actually a floating carpet. Everything feels good, curves, highways, back roads, it doesn't matter. You also hear a little tire noise. It's funny: When it's raining, you can hear the water sliding through the windows, and the car is very quiet. What does the Q4 excel at? “I personally think the car handles better when cruising. Very comfortable and you arrive at your destination really relaxed.

Audi Q4 e-tron

There is also criticism, specifically from the owner of a Q4 e-tron 35 that has since been removed from the collection, who said: “It is noted that the rear of the car is set up very stiffly.” “The rear tire pressure was 3.2 bar on delivery, after lowering it to 2.6 bar it was much better, but it was still quite harsh and uncomfortable for the rear passengers.” Nuance: “On flat asphalt, the car drives quietly and comfortably on the road.” Traction control also doesn't get its approval. “I have now driven around sharp bends several times with the car. This involves very quiet trips on holiday. This is where it intervenes at speeds below 25 km/h. You can feel and hear it through the slight vibration of the rear as a result of the braking interventions on one of the rear wheels. His solution is: “With the ESC in Sport mode, this no longer happens during normal driving, so here's the solution…”

Maintenance, malfunctions and irritations

We were able to complete this chapter well with the Volkswagen ID3 and ID4. The biggest issues with the MEB platform now appear to be under control, with owners of the later-introduced Audi Q4 e-tron reporting far fewer issues. “We are now four months away and I am still very satisfied. Fortunately I have the latest software version, so I have not yet encountered any crashes, glitches in the Audi app or any other bugs,” the 2023 car driver said. In MMI, as other “early adopters” sometimes encounter.

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Indeed, one of these early adopters was not entirely satisfied. “The worst thing about the car is the 3608 software, which Audi, after sixteen months of denial, is now slowly admitting that an important update is coming ‘soon,’” he complains. “There is no support from Audi Netherlands or the dealer, it is necessary Spread the idea.” Another 2021 driver has fewer problems, but still one driver. “Navigation favorites sometimes disappear. very Difficult. “And then you can set things up again.”

Audi Q4 e-tron

Now for the interior: “The modest finishes are often mentioned, but they really stand out,” says the e-tron 35 driver. “Not only the use of materials, but also how they are put together, is not what you would expect from this brand. In my car, for example, the plastic around the bottom of the driver's seat is much wider, by centimeters, than in the passenger seat. This means That when you sit in the back you are looking at the steel mechanism.” It doesn't stop there. “Another example is the badly worn central armrest and the wrinkled side wall of the driver's seat. I don't expect that after 40,000 km.” And another thing: “The loading door was recently replaced because it did not open and close properly: which is very difficult when you have to load. ”

The Audi Q4 e-tron should be MEB's most important product and it fulfills this role well. The car feels pleasantly quiet and its handling satisfies most drivers. Complaints about straight-line stability, as reported by many ID3 and ID4 drivers, seem peculiar to Audi. On the other hand, the brand's reputation in the field of interior design has been somewhat destroyed due to the use of solid materials. On the other hand, there is enough interior space and good seating. Finally, anyone curious about the Q4 e-tron range can indulge in this article: This is how far the Audi Q4 e-tron has come in practice.