January 31, 2023

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PC: March 25, 2021 (Early Access)


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In my preview for Deceive Inc, I mentioned that I’ve played two gamescom games that fall into the social opponent type. You may have guessed it, but you’re reading the preview of the second title now. So without further ado, let’s get started.

I’ll say all that, but I’d like to point out that you don’t have to use this preview as your only point of reference when it comes to Sentence. Not only was my session completely analog, as you’ll read in a bit, but the game is already in Steam Early Access, as it’s free to play. So everyone can try it.

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If you’re still stuck despite all this, first we’ll talk briefly about the gameplay. As you would expect from the social opponent type, the goal is to find players who will oppose the large group. In this case, it’s a deceptive AI, hiding among a regular bot worker and trying to hack things like computers. However, unlike among us, these bots are not other players, but non-playable characters that follow a routine. So it is entirely possible to imitate it with credibility.

The players you need to catch these crooks are the guards. These are larger and more eye-catching robots with tools and weapons, which ordinary workers can easily get rid of. However, if they do this with innocent bots, they will be rebooted, which means you are out of the game for a while. Thus, attacking everything indiscriminately is not an option, so they have to quietly watch and set traps.

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With this setup and tutorial in mind, I decided to play three matches in the game. One as Rogue and two as Sentinel. This was far from flawed in the second case. An instrument fell straight through the stage and when I took out a Rogue I saw hack into a terminal two seconds ago, I still got a reboot. The developer sitting with me also looked weird and said he hadn’t seen this before, which can rule out that I didn’t look closely. Such issues can occur, particularly in Early Access, but looking at the community hub on Steam, technical issues are no stranger to the game. Let’s hope that changes.


I find it very difficult to say anything meaningful about feeling at the moment. Three matches only give an overall impression, and if they also have bugs, you can’t do much with that. But since it is a free game, you can play it every now and then to see if it improves.