December 8, 2023

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Princess Claire appears for the first time in nearly two years...

Princess Claire appears for the first time in nearly two years…

Princess Claire (46 years old) has made a comeback. It has been in public since the end of 2019. Presented today’s Focus Earth Prize.

Here she is finally again. For the first time in 658 days, Princess Claire is attending a royal event. It was already from December 18, 2019, at the Christmas party at the royal palace, since I participated in an official event.

In recent years, there have been regular rumors that Prince Laurent and Claire will not be a couple. The palace has consistently denied those rumors. Last year, a Christmas card from the whole family was urgently sent to the world. And last summer, Laurent and Claire’s relationship was in the spotlight once again. They no longer mate and live separately. Prince Laurent tried to contain rumors of a possible divorce. This is how he threw it Evening Exclusive photos from a visit to Pierre Gilbert in France. Also two weeks ago, the family went to a concert in Brussels.

Today, Princess Claire presented the Focus Earth Award in the presence of King Albert and Queen Paula. Initiated by the Queen Paola Foundation, this award is given each year to the best integrated exams (GIP) for students from KSO, TSO, BSO and group multi-curricular projects for students from BuSO and CDO with the subject of Earth or Space (Travel).

Also striking: Claire wore a jacket that may have come from Paula at the awards show. Fashion queen Mathilde took note on Twitter.


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