December 5, 2023

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Princess Eugenie reveals the secret that Queen Elizabeth kept from her family for a long time |  Property

Princess Eugenie reveals the secret that Queen Elizabeth kept from her family for a long time | Property

PropertyThe Queen’s granddaughter, Princess Eugenie (33), explains on White Wine Question Time how her grandmother kept a secret from the whole family. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed pranking people. During the London Olympics, you decide to participate in a funny video that no one knows about.

The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London. The perfect opportunity for Queen Elizabeth to surprise her family. Although she is famous for her sense of humor, she manages to amaze the entire royal family. She decided to take part in a James Bond skit completely secretly.

look. James Bond and the Queen – 2012 Olympic Games

She can be seen with Daniel Craig in the video, which was partly recorded at Buckingham Palace. At the end of the video there is a big surprise, as they fly over the Olympic Stadium in a helicopter and the Queen jumps with a parachute. The viewer doesn’t see her head in the video, so there’s a real possibility she didn’t jump herself. But soon after, she entered the field in the same uniform. This is how to make Kings fans laugh. They think it’s cool that she could fix herself up for something like this. When the video was shown on the field, the Royals also didn’t know where to look. “They were not informed,” Princess Eugenie says during the podcast.

“The rest of the world got to see it with us. Nobody knows. It was really amazing and we were all pleasantly surprised,” Eugenie said. Additionally, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson pays tribute to her grandmother. “She was one of the best people in the whole world. “She had a sense of duty and dedication, and her love for her people made her a beautiful person.”

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Eugenie is grateful for everything she learned from her grandmother. She taught us how to talk to people, how to stay strong in difficult times, and the importance of always being kind. When she died, I told people how grateful I was that she was a part of my life.

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