December 1, 2022

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Private conversations shared by Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Twitter CEO in lawsuit – IT Pro – News

During the lawsuit between Twitter and Elon Musk, private conversations with Musk were revealed. This indicates that Musk discussed the fate of Twitter with its founder, Jack Dorsey, among other things. The company’s CEO, Parag Agrawal, also expressed his dissatisfaction with Musk’s behaviour.

Jack Dorsey. Photo: Joe Raedle/Staf via Getty Images

Musk and Dorsey talked about an open source version of Twitter via a chat service, such as According to court documents. Dorsey, who is stored as “Jack Jack” in Musk’s contact list, initially says a “new platform” is needed, after which Musk asks him for clarification. The Twitter founder then shares his vision for an open source platform, “a bit like Signal.”

Musk calls it a “very cool idea” and offers his help to make it a reality. At the time of speaking, Dorsey is still a member of the board of directors, but is hinting that he will be independent from May and can then start the new venture.

A few weeks later, Musk and his brother discuss the possibility of creating a Twitter blockchain system with Dogecoin payments. “You will then pay a small amount to be able to post something on this form of Twitter. This way the majority of spammers and bots are fixed.” The lack of clarity about the number of bot accounts and spam on Twitter became the reason later Musk stopped taking over the company.

Agrawal shares his dissatisfaction in a private conversation Controversial tweet From Musk: “Of course you can.” Is Twitter dying? “Or tweet anything, but it’s my responsibility to tell you that this isn’t helping me make Twitter a better platform. Next time we meet, I’d like to give you some perspective on these internal distractions and how they’re making us hard to work.”

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Musk replies: “What have I accomplished this week? I am not on the board of directors [van Twitter]. This is a waste of time. I’m going to make an offer to make Twitter a private company.” The conversation took place next Musk has been nominated for membership in Twitter’s board of directors A few days before it was announced It won’t last anyway. earlier called Dorsey A position on Musk’s board of directors is “the only solution I can trust.”

Dorsey tries to de-escalate the conflict by facilitating a phone call between Agrawal and Musk. Musk writes to Dorsey: “You and I are in complete agreement. Parag works very slowly and tries to please people who wouldn’t be happy no matter what he does.” Dorsey says, “At least it’s clear that [jij en Agrawal] Can not work together. That was helpful.”

The turbulent period leading up to Acceptable Final Takeover Offer It turned out to be an omen of the subsequent struggle between Musk and the social milieu; After the acquisition was halted due to an alleged misrepresentation of the number of bot accounts and spam on the platform, Twitter lawsuit to force takeover.