May 30, 2023

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Professional juries had a deal to vote for each other

Professional juries had a deal to vote for each other

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) wrote in a press release that the Eurovision Song Contest is not peculiar to some favouritism, but the voting behavior of these jurors demonstrated aberrations on a scale not seen before in the party’s history. .

The European Broadcasting Union took action in a timely manner, so that the final result did not change – Ukraine remains the winner. On Saturday evening, during the final match of the song contest, the European Broadcasting Union had already announced that six countries had shown “irregularities” in the voting behavior of professional juries, with their votes removed and replaced with points obtained on the basis of voting behaviour. from other countries. Now track the details.

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There seems to be a handshake. Four of the six other countries are placed in the top five – countries cannot vote for them. Montenegro placed the other five in the top six (only Serbia managed to intervene, taking second place). Poland awarded the other five places in the top seven.

These high ratings aroused suspicion because country songs failed to impress among the 15 other voting participants that evening: San Marino, Romania, Montenegro and Georgia ended up in the bottom six.

The European Broadcasting Union discussed the electoral behavior of juries with the broadcasters concerned and gave them the opportunity to investigate further.

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