April 23, 2024

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Punishing outing after a collision with future teammate Alonso: "You left enough space, didn't you?"  |  Formula 1

Punishing outing after a collision with future teammate Alonso: “You left enough space, didn’t you?” | Formula 1

It was a chilling picture at the US Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso is thrown into the air after colliding with Lance Stroll on a long straight line.

Right after the safety car’s first intervention, Alonso tried to overtake for an alpine walk. He came off the cliff and then Stroll suddenly turned left to defend, a crash was inevitable.

Alonso, who is usually very outspoken on team radio, stuck with a “Late Stroll response” as he tried to get into the pits. Perhaps proof that the two-time world champion was also shocked.

Stroll was penalized for the accident after speaking with the hosts: 3 places back on the grid in Mexico and penalty points on his driver’s license.
However, the Aston Martin driver was aware of little to no damage.

“I looked at the shots and left him plenty of room on the left side. There was a huge difference in speed, he came close to me and we crashed into each other. Very frustrating because we both had a good race.” Canadian said.

Alonso was also noticeably quiet about Stroll’s post-race maneuverability. “It was scary in the car because if you get off the ground anything can happen. Luckily it landed well.”

In 2023, Alonso will swap Alpine for Aston Martin to become Stroll’s teammate, son of the team boss. We’re curious about what the first topic of conversation in the first joint team building is.

Alonso and Stroll’s crash got an extra tail. After the Spaniard limping into the pits in the Alps, he managed to finish seventh after a heroic catch-up race in the damaged Alps.

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But after the race there was a protest from Haas, because they do not consider Alonso’s car safe. For example, during the race, the right mirror broke off from Alonso’s car. Haas has already been called by the hosts 3 times this year for car damage.

Alonso received a 30-second penalty and returned to 15th place. Alpine appealed this decision, also because Haas’ complaint was filed too late. The verdict was handed down on Thursday and, according to Alonso, will decide “the right direction for the sport in the future”.