December 1, 2023

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Overview.  On Monday, the record number of infections reached more than 60 thousand, hospitals continue to rise, and the number of patients in intensive care continues to decline |  Instagram news VTM

Overview. About 60 thousand injuries in two days in a row, and the number of patients in intensive care continues to decline | Instagram news VTM

Corona numbers are rising, except for the number of patients in intensive care. According to the latest figures from the Sciensano Health Institute, the average number of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths is increasing. 61,925 new cases were registered on Monday, a record high. On Tuesday there were already 59,164 (at the moment).

Review: A record number of injuries were recorded on Monday

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The average number of infections per day continues to rise, with an average daily per week from January 11-17 31,780 infection, 34 percent more than the previous seven-day period.

The incidence in the last 14 days is 3,396.

when we get daily numbers When we look at it, we see that the number of infections was higher every day in the past week than the previous week. On Monday, January 17, a record number of 61.925 recorded infection. That’s an underestimate anyway: in fact, according to virologist Stephen van Gucht, new infections were added three to four times that day. It is also likely that the weekly average will continue to rise sharply on Saturday, because on January 18, 59.164 Infections noted.

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Between January 11 and 17, on average 88.111 Tests a day. This is about the same as during the previous seven-day period.


The positivity rate increased to between January 11 and 17 36.7%. This represents an increase of 8.7 percent over the previous week.

He. She reproduction number It rose 23 percent to 1.27. A number above 1 indicates that the pandemic is getting stronger.

Hospital stay

With the last week also the daily average 255 Hospital admissions (+39 percent) The pressure on hospitals continues to increase. Yesterday there were 341 new registrations. There has been a lot going on since the beginning of December.

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In total there is now 2.736 Hospitalized Covid-19 patients (+34 percent), 367 Of them (-10 percent) have Dense disadvantaged.


The number of deaths rose to an average from January 11-17 (+13%) 21,6 Per day. Since the beginning of the epidemic, there have been 28,759 To regret the deaths of Corona.


9.034.213 Meanwhile, according to the latest confirmed figures, the Belgians already have at least one first dose A vaccine against Covid-19. This week, that new milestone of 9 million was reached. 8,840.933 People already got Complete basic vaccination. This is 77 percent of the total population. 6.114.134 People already got one third shotAlso, a new dress. This represents about 53 percent of the total population.

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Being in Flanders 5,533.877 The population has been vaccinated at least once, which is 83.18 percent of the total population. 5,411.779 Among them, they actually got two shots, or 81.34 percent of the total population. 4.051.484 Flemings (60.90 percent) have already received a booster dose.

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