June 2, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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Pupils come up with a Lung Cancer Screening programme, an enthusiastic MCL Pulmonologist

Two students from Beyers Naudé Gymnasium in Leeuwarden have developed software that can help detect lung cancer. To set their profile, they researched whether AI could help identify cancer cells. This works at 95 percent accuracy.

“We wanted to do something social and we both have an artistic background,” says Yahya Oufkir. It soon became apparent to the boys that they wanted to do something to screen for cancer.

Ted De Rios: “We’ve had many family members who have died of lung cancer. We’ve noticed that it often has a fatal outcome and the community can use help to reduce the number of deaths from this disease.”

With the help of Ted’s brother, they contact the A.I. and A.I. They were given a goal: to find cancer more quickly. In our research we also saw that there is not much innovation in this area. This is also why we thought there was a lot that could be achieved in this field,” says Yehia.

Artificial intelligence is already being used to detect cancer. Now only X-rays and CT scans are used. Both students use pathological pictures. There are microscopic images of parts of the lung tissue.

“We used 25,000 boards. The program started training on that,” says Yehia. “The system can now distinguish between healthy cells and lung cancer cells based on that image.”