July 22, 2024

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Queen Paola falls again and must rest |  Property

Queen Paola falls again and must rest | Property

PropertyQueen Paula, 85, has fallen and has to rely on a doctor’s advice. Our editors have heard of this. This is the second time this has happened to her this year.

Paula missed an important moment in the beginning of the army career for her grandson, Prince Gabriel (19). On Thursday, you will officially enter the Royal Military Academy, or KMS for short. His parents are King Philip and Queen Mathilde, his brother Emmanuel and his sister Eleanor and his grandfather King Albert.

The notable absentee is Grandmother Queen Paula. Upon inquiry from the royal palace, our editors learned that it had fallen. According to the court, the matter is not serious, but she should rest. In a previous accident, in March of this year, Paula broke her right arm. Surgery was not necessary. She had to rest for eight weeks. It has not been announced how long it will stop working.

Elizabeth is also absent

At the end of September, Gabriel successfully completed a five-week military start-up phase in the eastern provinces. He was then handed his blue hat from his father, King Philip, during a ceremony at the KMS in Brussels: symbolic evidence that he – with 190 students – might begin his training.

The school year will officially begin on Thursday with an opening ceremony at the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels. New promotions, including Prince Gabriel’s draft, do what’s called an official entry.

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King Philip hands his son Gabriel his blue hat. © Photo News

Just like Grandma Paula, Gabrielle’s older sister Princess Elizabeth (20) is absent from the party. She returned to Oxford, England, where she will begin her second year in politics and history at Lincoln College. Two years ago, Elizabeth spent a year at KMS by herself.

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