November 29, 2023

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Readers prefer the fingerprint scanner on the back

Readers prefer the fingerprint scanner on the back

In our survey this week, we asked where our readers prefer to place the fingerprint scanner in their phones. We totally understand why manufacturers disagree about this, because opinions vary widely. However, the majority of people (29 percent) prefer the fingerprint scanner located on the back of the device.

Fingerprint Scanner

We asked a fingerprint scanner question because xiaomi Technology that allows the entire screen of the phone to recognize the fingerprint. This choice, however, is not highly encouraged, according to our survey results: 29 percent want the fingerprint scanner on the back, 23 percent on the side (the on/off button), 22 percent on the bottom of the phone’s screen and 22 percent in the entire phone screen, as Xiaomi seems to be planning.

A very small part would like the home button to be the place for the fingerprint scanner again, 3 percent. In the end, there is also a small percentage who would rather see the fingerprint scanner elsewhere. The funny thing is that this survey not only showed huge differences in the results: reactions are a lie, too. There was even a small discussion between a refrigerator and no one. The refrigerator does not want to see a fingerprint scanner, only facial recognition.

wear gloves

Nobody likes it, because face masks often throw a wrench in the works. Underlying Refrigerator cleverly and giving the name a somewhat sarcastic response: “Oh, with the cold weather, you wear gloves too.” You think so, but Nobody Not. And we somehow agree with no one, because if there is something annoying about controlling a smartphone, it is a glove.

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Joking aside, opinions are divided. Jill Robin A phone with a fingerprint scanner on the back and one with a fingerprint scanner on the front and doesn’t care where it is. -Richage- Not really, rather, he chooses his smartphone based on the presence of a fingerprint scanner under the screen.

Front to back and…

If we look at our poll, we see that opinions have changed. In 2016, people wanted you to be more front than rear, but that has changed a lot in the meantime. It also depends on how you use it: someone likes it when they quickly unlock the phone, while someone else makes a lot of pocket calls this way. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in the fingerprint scanner website, although the big question is what will happen when Xiaomi really comes to the market with full screen technology.

There will likely be a lot of polls before that. Until next week!