May 24, 2024

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Recalled numbers in the US car market

Last year, automakers in the United States were required to file 406 recalls. That is a new record. This is clear from the report of Adviser Stout. The previous year, there were 317 campaigns. It should be noted, however, that fewer vehicles were involved in the recall last year.

In total, 21.6 million vehicle owners in the United States were notified last year Potential technical problem Had to see more. The previous year, 28.9 million vehicles were involved.

Complex technology

According to researchers, the main reason is the high number of recalls that need to be reported Increasingly complex technology It is installed on the latest car models.

Researchers note that two recalls last year affected more than a million cars. Ford had to call in 2.6 million older cars for inspection due to defective airbags. 1.3 million cars were recalled due to a possible bug in a software program at Mercedes-Benz.

“This is a clear decline compared to the previous two years, until six ads were recorded each time, covering more than a million cars,” says Ansmut Smuts, a researcher at Stout. “At the other end of the spectrum, 11 single vehicles were recalled last year, setting a new record.

The researchers also point out that the record share could be attributed to the recall of less than a hundred thousand cars last year. “The trend of a large number of recalls with a very small number of vehicles has increased in recent years,” Smuts notes.

“This may be related to the improvement in the ability to detect defects in advance. This makes it possible to quickly eliminate defects from the manufacturing process. Thus, fewer vehicles with defects are coming to market.

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As in the previous year, problems with the airbags were the main reason for the recall last year.

It is also worth noting that car manufacturers are increasingly successful in solving potential problems To be solved remotelyLast year, seven issues involving a total of 1.7 million cars were resolved without the need to physically return the cars to the garages.

“These solutions will significantly reduce the cost of recall,” the researchers note. “This phenomenon is mainly due to Development of the attached carThis makes remote interventions possible.

It is further emphasized that the five recalls are connected to electric cars. In both procedures, a software program must be replaced. In the other three operations, the battery had to be replaced. A total of 117,000 cars were involved in these operations.