April 21, 2024

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Remy fell in love again during 'K2 Looking for K3': 'I was young there for her, but she totally supports me' |  Instagram news VTM

Remy fell in love again during ‘K2 Looking for K3’: ‘I was young there for her, but she totally supports me’ | Instagram news VTM

showbiz19-year-old Remy de Smet may not follow in Klassie’s footsteps, but the “K2 looking for K3” candidate is once again happy in love. In an interview with Story, Remy confirmed that he already has a new girlfriend. “She’s a Dutch girl, but we see each other a lot.”

“We’re both studying musical theater in Tilburg, we’ve been clicking for a while,” says Remy. During the match, Remy and his new girlfriend became a couple, but later the period turned out to be not ideal. “I wasn’t there enough for her, but if you love each other, wait.” Fortunately, Remy can count on the support of his girlfriend. They will see each other more often in the future. “It’s a Dutch girl, but because I’m in my room five days a week in Tilburg we see each other a lot. And after our studies we’ll see where we end up…”

Remy had a very disappointed reaction after his departure from ‘K2 Pursuit K3’, watch it here:

There is no black hole

He already realized that Remy would not follow in Klasji’s footsteps. “When I signed up, I knew the chance of becoming the new K3 would be slim. Of course I would have loved to do the job, but I don’t blame anyone,” says Remy. “I am proud to have reached the last 16.” He says he is not bothered by the presence of a black hole. “I went back to school right after the semi-finals. I hope my participation opens up other doors. I just want to be on the podium, and it makes me happy.”

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Somehow Remy continues to regret that there will be no boy in K3. “Luca and I may have warmed up to Flanders a bit, but I still think the girl is always the favourite. And it’s only natural that Studio 100 listen to the audience. The four contestants fit the bill very well. Amy might be Favorite of the general jury, but all four deserve to become the new K3.”

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