September 27, 2023

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Renate and José look back on the team’s chaotic experience: “Lessons must be learned from this” |  Vuelta

Renate and José look back on the team’s chaotic experience: “Lessons must be learned from this” | Vuelta

Rinat Schuti: “It was just a 14.8km team time trial, but what did we all see?”

Jose D’Cor: “Then we didn’t see much. I can imagine a lot happened: a fall and a slide… It’s not an easy direction.”

Renata:Was this justified?”

Jose: “Actually, you have to ban things like that in a mass time trial with so many corners of the city. As an organization, you also have to think about the dark. You drive towards dark holes. The asphalt is getting blacker, I can do that. I imagine that’s not a comfortable way to race.” .”

Rinat: “Should we turn this cycling page from the history of the Tour of Spain as soon as possible?”

Jose: “One should learn lessons from this. Perhaps one should put a script about the team time trials in the city. Since this isn’t the first time, they have already fallen here in the inaugural team time trial.”

“This system remains dangerous. The riders try to ride as close to each other as possible, although of course it was a completely different story today.”

Rinat: “Is everyone who crosses the finish line unharmed the winner?”

Jose: “In Remko Evenbol’s story, yes. In Primoz Roglic’s story, I don’t know what happened. Let’s say you lose the Vuelta for 20 seconds, you’ll look at this opening stage.”

Rinat: “Is it a blessing for the candidates to have the captain’s shirt with the DSM team?”

Jose: “Yes, but it might be different tomorrow. After all, there are extra seconds to be gained, so can Melesi survive? Or will one of his teammates take over?”

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Rinat: Rimko Evenpol was named the moral winner after the first day. Or do you see another winner?

Jose: “Just add Enrique Mas as a Spaniard.”

Rinat: Is the UCI’s job to learn lessons from this?

Jose: “Everything always falls to the UCI. But setting a course like this is not possible. You have to find a better track, especially in the short team time trials.”

“It was already dangerous if it was dry, and now there is still rain and darkness near the end. This can be improved.”