March 4, 2024

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'Rendez-vous' singer Emma Hesters sings with opera star Andrea Bocelli: 'I slept poorly, the dress was more interesting than I thought' |  Showbiz

'Rendez-vous' singer Emma Hesters sings with opera star Andrea Bocelli: 'I slept poorly, the dress was more interesting than I thought' | Showbiz

musicDutch singer Emma Heesters (28 years old) witnessed a dream come true on Saturday evening in the Czech capital, Prague. There she sang in front of thousands of people with Italian opera icon Andrea Bocelli (65 years old). The blonde, who recorded our hit song Rendez vous with Metejoor, has been sleeping very poorly in recent days. This was not only because she had to memorize Italian songs, but also because of her clothes.

Hesters traveled to Prague on Saturday specifically to attend Bocelli's concert, she reported on TikTok and Instagram. At the O2 Arena she performed three songs from it Vivo per leo. She previously sang that song by Bocelli and Giorgia Todrani from 1996 with opera star Henk Bort V. Dear singers. It's unclear how Bocelli's team ended up with Emma, ​​but they likely spotted her TV appearance (which has 12 million views on YouTube).

The singer, who usually sings pop songs, describes Bocelli as “a very special person.” Performing with him had been “a dream for a long time.” “Since I Vivo per leo She sang in Dear singers Four years ago. Then I realized I really wanted to one day Vivo per leo He wants to sing with Andrea Bocelli. “This is going to happen now,” she says in a preview video.

Emma was very nervous before the show for several reasons. “I sing it in a higher key than I usually do,” she says. And there was no good rest beforehand. “I haven't slept well this week because of this. Because I was so nervous about the Italian songs. Of course I have to sing that song by heart.

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“I'm wearing sexier clothes than I thought.”

Her clothes also kept Emma awake. “I ordered a dress, but it turned out to be a little sexier than I thought,” she says. Looks like she wore it after all. In the following video she shows a black prom dress. She says such dress was mandatory because of the dress code.

This is a strapless dress with a slit and a partially open back with a drawstring closure. It was still very difficult to close properly. “We're almost there, but it won't be easy,” says her mother, who is tying the dress. Emma completed the outfit with sparkly tights, modest jewelry and Jimmy Choo heels.

Immediately after the performance, Hesters was stunned by all the tension, as can be seen from the first pictures. She addressed Bocelli on Instagram in Italian, saying: “Thank you very much. It was a real honor to meet you.” “And besides, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing together!” All kinds of famous pals responded enthusiastically to her post, including her former duet partner Henk Bort: “Jealous!”

Watch how Emma Hesters prepared for her performance: