October 1, 2022

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Reopening of Notre Dame in 2024 'tense target' |  Abroad

Reopening of Notre Dame in 2024 ‘tense target’ | Abroad

According to General Jean-Louis Georgelin, who is responsible for the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral, reopening the cathedral in 2024 is a “tense, rigorous and complex goal.” He said this in an interview published Friday evening on the “Figaro” website.

A little over three years ago Heavy fire destroyed Notre Dame. The cathedral should reopen in 2024, according to a presidential promise to rebuild the cathedral within five years. We will fight to win this battle and be able to open up for worship in 2024. By then, Notre Dame will be so completely renovated that visitors will be visually shocked when they enter,” Gorlin promised in this interview.

Georgelin admits that there are always risks and difficulties on a construction site. “But so far, we’ve always found ways to adapt and move forward and listen for the pointers when they turn orange,” he adds.

cost picture

Since April 15, 2019, more than 846 million euros have been raised by 340,000 sponsors and donors from 150 countries. Until August 2021, the first phase of work involved cementing and securing the building. The work has already cost about 150 million euros.

“We need 550 million euros to clean the interior of the cathedral, including the great organ, restore the buildings and vaults damaged by the fire, rebuild the structures, roofs and tower and refurbish technical equipment,” said Georgelin. He points out that this figure takes into account expected inflation. “Like other construction sites, we are currently under some price pressure,” he adds.

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After this work, 146 million euros should be left to restore the exterior. “The content and schedule for the future external business program still needs to be discussed with sponsors, foundations, and of course the Ministry of Culture,” said Georgelin.

Visit of the Minister of Culture

Her delegation told AFP that Culture Minister Rima Abdel-Malik was expected to visit the site “in the coming days.”

The Notre Dame fire – the causes of which have not yet been determined with certainty – led to the collapse of the skeleton, the tower, the clock and part of the basement, which were destroyed by fire.

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