February 27, 2024

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Rolls Royce, Apple Vision Pro and Ischgl

Rolls Royce, Apple Vision Pro and Ischgl

Recently we have seen more and more things going viral and having a successor, and this was the case this week, for example, with Victoria Beckham.

Vicky Rolls Royce

Have you seen the Beckham documentary on Netflix? So you know everyone doesn't talk much about that whole part of a footballer's life, they mainly talk about that moment where Victoria tries to convey that she came from a very ordinary working class family. Husband David pokes his head around the door to say, “What car did you take to school?” See her shirt. The reason Uber Eats hooked up the couple was for a follow-up commercial.

More old cars

Speaking of classic cars, have you ever seen a Ford Model A drifting in the snow? This car from 1929 can hold up very well in bad weather, as it turns out. Nearly 100 years of cake? We are like them!

100 year old wine

Speaking of 100 years, people also seem to be very fascinated by opening a jar containing 100-year-old wine. It's not known if it's still delicious or if it's become more vinegary, but it's still a nice color, right?

More snow fun

Ford probably has more fun in the snow than the people of the Austrian town of Ischgl: it's prime time on the slopes there. This means that if you fall, you can easily beat all other types of winter sports. A large number of people are trying to overcome the snow on the mountain. Even if he mainly meanders around others…

We've been seeing it more often lately: things that went viral are now accompanied by some sort of comeback, or crazy twist. This week, for example, Victoria Beckham did just that.

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Beckham's Netflix documentary is very interesting, but everyone's really talking about that moment where Victoria points out that her family were just hard-working blue-collar people. Until David popped his head around the corner and laughed loudly: “What car did you take to school again?” In a new Uber Eats commercial, Victoria parodies it herself.

A Ford Model A drift goes viral

We'll stick with the classics for a while, because a video of a 1929 Ford Model A drifting violently in the snow is currently going viral. Looks very special for such an old timer. Nearly 100 years of cake? We are like them!

Ischgl is a bit busy

More snow fun, or well… A viral video shows just how busy it is on the slopes of Ischgl, Austria. Especially if you fall, you can hit some people quickly.

100 year old wine

What also went viral, and we don't quite understand why, is a video of a jar containing 100-year-old wine being opened. It looks very old, but in the end we don't know what wine tastes like. Is it now vinegar or is it still really delicious? Anyway, it's still a very nice colour. And yes, it makes us thirsty, so soon after a dry January.

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