December 7, 2022

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Royal baby names required, but not "Harry" or "William" |  Property

Royal baby names required, but not “Harry” or “William” | Property

PropertyBritish royals have increasingly inspired their fellow countrymen to choose royal baby names. Although there is a noticeable trend where names are common and which ones are not.

New parents in Britain – and beyond – often choose royal names, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Statistics from 2021 show that the name “Beatrice” (after Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter) has suddenly become popular. The year before, the name was hardly mentioned.

The name “Archie” (after Prince Harry’s eldest son) rose from 19th to 9th on the list of the top 20 popular baby names in one year. “Louis” (after the youngest son of Prince William) rose four places from 54 to 50.

What is also remarkable is that the names of the youngest members of the royal family are especially popular. “Harry” and “William”, two names that are hugely popular in the UK, both fell into the world rankings. Harry went from fifth to seventh, and William slipped from seventeen to twenty-first. It may be related to the migxite and the resulting animosity between members of the royal family, according to experts. As a result, the two princes are currently in a bad situation.

The classic name Elizabeth has fallen from 55th to 60th in the top 100, but given the death of Elizabeth II this year, the organization expects a significant increase in the number of children named after her next year. The word “Meghan” (in whatever spelling) does not appear in the Top 100 Words list. This was already the case in 2020. Moreover, neither Kate nor Catherine is particularly sought after.

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The most common baby name in the UK is “Olivia” for six years in a row, and it has nothing to do with the royal family.

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