December 2, 2022

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Russia remains Belgium's largest oil supplier |  Economie

Russia remains Belgium’s largest oil supplier | Economie

Russia remains by far the largest single oil supplier to Belgium. The country supplied more oil last year than it was in 2020, but the share fell slightly from 30 to 29 percent. This is evidenced by the key figures for 2021 from Energia on Thursday, regulating the sector, among other things, for the refining, distribution and storage of energy products. Fuel consumption rose to nearly pre-corona levels again in 2021.

EU countries are currently discussing an embargo on Russian oil, but there is no consensus on that yet. In this context, Russia is the largest exporter of oil to our country, although Energia has already confirmed that the European boycott of Russian oil and petroleum products will not cause any supply problems in Belgium. She said at the beginning of this month that consumers may have to take into account the higher prices of petroleum products.

Total crude oil imports decreased by 17 percent in 2021 compared to 2019 to 28.69 million tons. Because of the Corona period, stockpiles of stocks were almost full, which means that fewer imports are needed.

The petroleum that is brought into our country to be processed in refineries comes from all over the world. Among the importing countries, Russia ranked first with 29 percent, followed by Norway (17 percent) and Kazakhstan (13.6 percent),” It appears in a press release† The Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Iraq) accounts for 12 percent.

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Imports increased compared to 2020. In that year there were 27.3 million tons of petroleum imported. The import of Russian petroleum rose in one year from about 8.2 million tons to nearly 8.4 million tons. More Norway was imported in particular, with interest rising from 9 to 17 percent in one year.

After the general closure 2020, domestic fuel consumption rose towards 2019 levels, recording 21.37 million tons, compared to 19.88 million tons in 2020 and 21.47 million in 2019. Transportation accounted for 55 percent of this consumption, and the remaining petrochemical industry. There is talk of 2 million tons of gasoline and 9.35 million tons of diesel and gas oil in consumption.

Petroleum-based energy products remain by far the most important source of energy in primary energy consumption in Belgium. They accounted for 38.2 percent of primary energy consumption, followed by natural gas (29.5 percent) and nuclear power (16 percent).