February 21, 2024

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Samsung Galaxy A52s official: pre-order offers in the Netherlands

It was already up in the air, and now Samsung has an extension Galaxy A52s Then it was officially launched. The device matches Galaxy A52 5G die we al reviewden – Except for one point. This point makes it faster and more available. Indeed: we list the first pre-order offers for the Galaxy A52s.

Galaxy A52s official: same, but faster

Among other things in England Samsung introduced the Galaxy A52s to the world. The device has been sitting for a while in planningAnd we already knew it was more or less by itselfIt will be in stores in September. But at first Samsung wanted to give the stage to Galaxy Z Fold 3 in a Galaxy Z Flip 3which was unveiled last week. Now that that’s over, the way is also clear for the less exciting, but no less important Galaxy A52s.

The Galaxy A52 5G has become less available lately — or you’re paying more for it than the suggested retail price. The Galaxy A52s will soon offer almost the same specs: a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a FHD 120Hz resolution, a 4,500mAh battery, and a 32MP front camera. On the back there is a 64MP main camera and 12MP wide angle. 5MP macro camera and 5MP depth camera. Yes, just like in the A52 5G.

The only difference is the processor. Galaxy A52s is equipped with Qualcomm hardware Snapdragon 778G. That’s slightly faster than the Snapdragon 750G than the A52 5G. But above all: if all goes well, it will reduce problems in terms of availability in the near future.

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