May 31, 2024

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Cases & Covers

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Cases & Covers

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has been officially revealed. With these official Samsung accessories, you can optimally protect your foldable phone. With and without S Pen pocket.

In conjunction with Galaxy Z Flip 3 Samsung also has Galaxy Z Fold 3 announced. The new foldable smartphone is more powerful than before and waterproof for the first time. Another significant advantage over previous models; The new fold is compatible with the S Pen. So you can work more productively on the large 7.6″ flexible screen. To be able to store the stylus safely after use, Samsung has released a matching smartphone case.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 does not come standard with the S Pen, as the stylus is offered as an optional accessory. Since the Samsung Z Fold 3 also does not have a pen compartment – as with Galaxy Note Brand Models – Samsung has released many cases with and without S Pen storage compartment.

Samsung Z Fold 3 Flip Cover With S Pen

Starting with the Flip Cover with S Pen, it’s only available in black. On the side of the case, near the hinge, is a detachable stylus holder where you can easily insert the S Pen for those moments when you’re not using the stylus.

NS Galaxy Z Fold 3 Flip Cover with S Pen Provides front and back protection for the device. The drawback is that since there is no hole in the front for the screen, you always have to open the case to be able to use the foldable phone – no matter if you want to use the cover screen or the main screen.

Handy, as the name suggests, is a flip cover, you can fold the top back so that you can easily turn the cover into an easy position to put the device down. In addition, this phone cover also has an anti-bacterial coating.

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During the pre-order period, customers who purchase the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will get this Flip Cover for free after delivery. A 25W travel adapter will also be given as a gift during the pre-sale period. This is a great bonus. You can buy the Flip Cover with the S Pen separately at the suggested retail price of 80€. For an extra €10, you’ll get a bundle bundle, which also includes a 25W travel adapter.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 leather flip cover

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Leather Flip Cover & Silicone Cover

Right now, the Flip Cover with S Pen is the only phone case with a pen holder that Samsung has released for the Z Fold 3. If you don’t need a stylus at all, there are more options out there. Think leather flip cover, leather cover, and silicone cover.

Just like the Flip Cover with the S Pen, the leather flip cover can be used to place the device. This leather bag is available in black, dark green and light brown colours. With a suggested retail price of €90, this is the most expensive case Samsung has released for the Z Fold 3. The advantage is that during the pre-order period (until August 26) you will get 20% off all new Galaxy Z accessories. As a result, the foldable leather cover now costs 72 euros temporarily.

In addition, Samsung has released an official Galaxy Z Fold 3 leather cover and silicone case. In terms of design, these covers are identical to each other. Important feature The front screen remains usable. The case fits nicely with the screen, so it also offers some protection around the edges of the device.

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The leather cover is made of soft leather with a choice of black, green and light brown colours. Samsung has set the price of this optional accessory at 80 euros. With the current 20% discount, this comes to 64 euros. The silicone case is the cheapest solution, the suggested retail price for this cover is 40 euros. During the promotional period, you pay 32 euros for this model. The silicone case is available in three colors: black, green and white.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Covers

What is the S Pen compatible with the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Anyone familiar with Samsung Galaxy products has probably heard of the S Pen. This drawing stylus has been the iconic feature of Galaxy Note models for many years. In order to make the foldable phone also compatible with the S Pen, Samsung had to adapt the stylus. Z Fold 3 supports two kinds of drawing pens.

The first model is the special version of the S Pen Fold, which, thanks to the rounded and soft tip, is not able to damage the flexible display. As the name suggests, this pen has been specifically designed for the new folding. In terms of functionality, it is equal to Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen. The suggested retail price for the S Pen Fold version is 50 euros.

In conjunction with the Z Fold 3, Samsung also introduced the S Pen Pro. This is an advanced additional variant with Bluetooth functionality – so you can also use the stylus to control your smartphone remotely. The Pro model is compatible with a range of Galaxy devices, including the new Fold, but at the time of writing, it was unknown when this stylus would be available.

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If you still have an old pen at home; Samsung strongly discourages the use of any stylus other than the two above. Doing so may inadvertently damage the floppy screen.

Until August 26, 2021, it is possible to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The new foldable smartphone is available in black, green and silver colors. The starting price is set at €1,800, where you will get a 256GB model. In addition, a model with a capacity of 512 GB is offered for 1900 euros.

During presale, you’ll receive a case with S Pen and travel adapter as a gift. In addition, customers who purchase the Z Fold 3 can enjoy free Samsung Care+ for one year. With this insurance, you will be covered against different types of damages, from water damage to a broken screen.